Thursday, January 13, 2011


The internet has been running slow lately.  Really slow.  Like a turtle with a hernia slow.  It would take a long time for email to come through or to switch from my inbox to one of the four RSS feeds that actually still works on my email.  I don’t know why I lost most of my feeds when we switched to Windows 7.  Other than things taking a long time it wasn’t too bad.  Well, except for youtube videos.  Gwen would want to watch her Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique video and it would take 20 minutes just to get through the 4 minute video. 

The turtle was now walking uphill with his hernia. 

I was attempting to watch Divine Comedy on youtube.  If you’ve never seen any of their videos I would recommend it.  They’re pretty funny.  Heath was getting annoyed with how long it was taking too so he decided to check our broadband speed in case he needed to yell at Comcast to turn up the power.  It wasn’t our modem.  It was the router.  He thought he fixed it but now the turtle with the hernia is trudging uphill in molasses and it’s snowing.  So the molasses is cold.  And the turtle is about to give up altogether. 

I finally was able to login on Blogger so I could respond to comments and comment if anyone else’s blog would ever come up.  Everything is taking so long I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth the effort.  I have been trying to pull up a web page for info to enhance a story I was planning on writing today.  The internet is still waiting for the site to load. 

In the time I’ve waited for the site to not load, I’ve written this post, shared some chips with Gwen, helped her go down the slide on Jump Start Preschool World, gone shopping for some retail therapy, took a hot bubble bath, dyed my hair because it’s been 100 years since I started this post, and attended the births of all of Gwen’s babies.  She had 5 by the way.  Oh, and the last one is getting married now so I better go . . .

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