Sunday, January 30, 2011

You’ve been a whale all summer

When I was a kid I loved book orders.  That was the cheapest and easiest way to get my reading fix.  One particular book order advertised a book called “You’ve Been Away All Summer” (and I’m too lazy to look up the author right now).  It looked like a fun book so I ordered it.  For whatever reason my mom kept calling it “You’ve Been a Whale All Summer.”  It was a cute book and a sequel to another book I had borrowed from a friend.  One day I may have to write about someone being a whale all summer because that sounds far more interesting than someone just being gone for the summer.  Since I had no idea what to title this travelogue of a post I thought my mom’s title was pretty fitting. 

My mom has been visiting the last few days which is why it seems like I have fallen off the face of the blogosphere.  She was only here a few days but we packed in a lot of fun.  Every day was filled with adventure. 

I loved how she showed up Wednesday night when she wasn’t planning on it.  She and my uncle had spent several days in Southern California sightseeing and eating homemade sandwich after homemade sandwich.  They thought they would get into town too late to stop by and visit and since my mom was staying in a nearby hotel we wouldn’t see her until Thursday. 

She called to say they made better time than they thought and they were heading over.  I had just finished putting the kids to bed.  When I do that I always put on my pajamas because the day is done.  I’m not going anywhere and it’s time to stop being dressed.  I take out my contacts and wash my face as well.  The transformation is pretty dramatic so you can imagine how embarrassed I was to find out people were coming over!  I made the best of a bad situation and put a bra back on. 

Traffic was light so when I thought they would arrive in 10-15 minutes they got to our house in 5.  So all my pump supplies were on the counter and I was not able to change my site before my mom and uncle were so excited to see me in all my glory!  What an evening.  Ok, so it was just crazy for a few minutes then we hung out talking and watching Pawn Stars before I took my mom to her hotel. 

After I carpooled kids to school on Thursday I picked up my mom.  She did the ultimate grandma thing by hanging out with us while Parker and Gwen played show and tell for a good 90 minutes.  My mom was such a good sport to look at nearly every DVD we own be taken out of the cabinet one by one with the question, “Have you seen this one?  All the way through?”  Sleeping through movies is a bad family trait from a defective gene I’m sure. 

Parker was a good sport to eat lunch alone knowing we were going to Mr. Pickle after we dropped him off at school.  Gwen is a social eater so she had to have a large snack while Parker ate.  I planned on buying her a sandwich even though I could almost guarantee she wouldn’t touch it.  I figured if I got her a meat sandwich instead of a PB&J then at least Gavin could have it for lunch the next day and I wouldn’t have to make him a sandwich.  I hate making sandwiches. 

Funny sandwich story.  My mom and uncle never went out to eat.  He brought sandwich fixings so they would make sandwiches day in and day out.  Twice a day I think.  My  mom hates sandwiches and really hates making them since she made a sandwich for my dad every day for work for nearly 20 years.  Gavin’s only in second grade and this is the first year I’ve made him lunch for school.  I already get so tired of making sandwiches.  Maybe I need to pace myself better!  Anyway, one day my uncle said he was tired of making sandwiches and asked my mom if she wanted to go out to eat.  They went to Subway.  That one cracked me up.  But sandwiches always taste better when someone else makes them. 

In my defense with the Mr. Pickle lunch, I didn’t know about the week of sandwiches until after we ordered sandwiches from Mr. Pickle.  My mom was all for it though.  She ordered one sandwich she was all excited about and then told the guy not to do it because it had so many calories.  I thought she was being crazy.  My mom is a twig she’s so skinny.  I told her calories don’t count on vacation but she ordered the sandwich I did.  The Tom Turkey.  Best sandwich ever.  When we sat down I saw the calories on the one she wanted and it was, I’m not kidding, 1,100 calories.  The Tom Turkey was 315.  Yeah, I would have changed my mind too.  My mom loved every bite especially since it had garlic sauce or some sort of garlic on it.  She texted my sister about the garlic, who texted back that she was jealous since she loves garlic and tries to put it in everything.  You know, cereal, pancakes, ice cream.  Then she kisses her husband with her garlic mouth.  Mmm.  He doesn’t mind.  He’s a growing boy and loves to eat and a little garlic breath didn’t hurt anybody. 

Gwen ate nearly half her sandwich much to my surprise.  She also ate most of her applesauce.  Girlfriend must be going through a growth spurt because she eats all the time.  It’s mostly snacks but still.  She eats all day long. 

After an hour at Mr. Pickle I started taco soup in the crock pot and we headed out shopping.  Gwen was beside herself.  She loves shopping.  We found a whole bunch of fun things to try on at Dress Barn.  Did I mention that is my favorite store?  It is even though the name makes me feel like a fat cow.  They have really great clothes that are just my style - fancy casual.  A saleslady started a dressing room for me while I perused some more.  Incidentally, she was the same saleslady who I bought the very shirt I was wearing that day from the previous Saturday!  Is that weird to wear clothes to the same store you purchased them from?  My mom said it was the ultimate compliment.  I hope she’s right.  When we were about to try on our clothes I noticed the time.  We had just enough time to get to the school to pick up boys.  The saleslady said she would hold the clothes for 24 hours.  Sweet. 

Since it was Thursday Gavin was the only one who had any homework.  Parker turns in his homework packet on Thursdays.  I hoped homework would go quickly for Gavin since he hadn’t seen Grandma all day like his siblings.  He rocked it and was done by 4:00.  So we headed to the playground.  It was a beautiful day and the kids had a blast playing with Grandma.  Parker’s favorite was going down the slide and having my mom touch his face to shock him.  The kids would take turns with Grandma.  We learned that Parker and Grandma create strong charges while Gwen and Gavin could hardly be shocked at all.  Weird. 

Here are some pictures.




We played at the park for over an hour and a half.  So fun.  Taco soup filled our souls, the kids bathed/showered, and we rounded out the evening with some Despicable Me.  I think so anyway.  I was so exhausted I slept through most of the movie.  I’ll have to try that one another time.   I hear it’s really good! 

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