Monday, February 7, 2011


Yesterday I was gathering all the things we needed to take to church.  As I picked up the bag of books my kids look at during Sacrament Meeting, the Incredible Hulk fell out.  Then I tried to put my glucometer in the canvas bag and I noticed the bag was extra tight.  Gwen had shoved her Tinkerbell phone in one side.  Once I fished it out my meter fit just fine.  I had to laugh. 

Heath said that Parker came down the stairs with his hand casually yet strategically placed over his pocket.  Since it looked odd and Parker hasn’t mastered the poker face yet Heath asked what was in the pocket.  Parker tried to lie but his smirk gave him away.  He was trying to smuggle a car in his pocket to play with at church.  That made me laugh again.  What is up with my kids?  They have never been allowed to play with toys at church!  That was random and funny. 

I took a few moments to use the restroom just now.  My bladder of steel is setting new records because as a mother I just don’t seem to ever take the time for the luxury of relieving it as often as I should.  TMI?  Sorry.  Anyway, my button popped off.  It just fell off.  The top decided it was in a fight with the post and it just dove to the floor.  I pushed it back on and I hope it stays because I’m running out of clothes fast.  My busted pants stay on with a belt but now that it’s getting warmer I could switch to shorts or capris right?  Well they’re all too big except for the olive green capris my mom gave me that I could barely squeeze into last year.  They fit now.  Too bad they don’t really go with most of my shirts. 

Heath says I should be happy to have a problem most girls dream of but it’s kind of annoying to not have anything to wear.  So please nominate me for What Not to Wear.  Be honest and tell them I need the cash.  I lost another shirt today because it looks like a maternity shirt too.  Seriously!  How wide was I?  I tried to look at before and after pictures for Jenni and Ray’s sake (they’ve both specifically asked) but it just made me really depressed.  I’ll have to work on some better after pics and finish the post I started about it. 

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