Saturday, February 12, 2011


What a wonderful two days I have had with my family.  Thursday was our 10th anniversary.  It’s a big deal for a couple to survive 10 years of marriage nowadays.  Kind of sad but true.  We wanted to do something special for such a milestone anniversary. 

Since we aren’t living in the Northwest we couldn’t easily go to Victoria, BC for a second honeymoon of sorts.  Hopefully this summer we can leave the kids with Grandma and Grandpa and go on a little vacay to Victoria.
The way we ended up celebrating was new and different for us.  It was also very simple but it was the best.  On Thursday we took the kids with us to an Italian restaurant we have never been to before.  It was a tiny little restaurant with maybe 10 tables total.  The menu was almost all in Italian with English descriptions of each dish.  I ended up getting some gorgonzola walnut pasta something or other that was on the specials menu.  After the first bite I realized I had the exact same dish 2 years ago on our anniversary at a different restaurant.  It was heavenly! 

The kids were awesome.  They were so well behaved and ate really well.  They love Italian food.  In the past it seemed ludicrous to want the kids as part of our anniversary celebration but this year it seemed so appropriate.  We told them that 10 years ago that day our family started.  They loved that.  They are very interested in our story and Gavin is obsessed with the dates (timing) of our story.  He thought we made a mistake when we said it had been 10 years.  He thought we should be celebrating our 11th anniversary.  We reminded him that we were married in 2001 and he remembered that we met in 2000. 

After dinner we went to the grocery store in the same parking lot to pick up my prescriptions.  I love that we had to go to the store because it seems that every date Heath and I have been on since having kids has ended with a trip to the grocery store.  Usually it’s because we need cash for the babysitter but it’s sort of become this fun tradition.  Heath told me at dinner that he wanted to buy me flowers.  He said he would have bought some from the florist near his office but the guy was already gone.  I was surprised since I didn’t think that was part of our plans this year.  He loves to surprise me and he knows how much I love roses.  I was impressed because I don’t always get anniversary roses since they’re so expensive with Valentine’s Day four days later.  Of course we both completely forgot about the flowers at the store.  We bought our traditional date night Ben & Jerry’s after getting my prescriptions and went home.  When we realized what we forgot Heath went back to the store to get me roses.  He also bought me a heart shaped balloon that says I love you!  After all these years he still gives my stomach butterflies! 

Last night we had the kids’ favorite babysitter come over so we could go to the temple and out to eat as a couple.  They had a blast with her while we had an amazing experience at the temple.  This is the first time we have ever gone to the temple as part of our anniversary celebrations.  I’m so glad we did.  I’m also so glad we had the opportunity to do sealings.  We’re not the type of people who believe in renewing vows.  It certainly made no difference to Jon and Kate!  Really the work we were doing was not a renewal for us but doing the ordinance for those who have died.  It was neat to be reminded of the sacred covenants and promises we made and also be reminded of the incredible blessings promised to those who keep those covenants.  The peaceful solitude of the temple was so nice and it was wonderful to enjoy that peace with Heath. 

After we finished at the temple we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for a late dinner.  I enjoyed my leftovers for lunch today. 

I read a friend’s blog post about marriage yesterday right before Heath came home from work.  We discussed it the whole way to the temple.  It was interesting to read that right before such a special celebration together.  Divorce seems to be everywhere.  To the point that sometimes I feel guilty for ever saying out loud how happily married I am.  I have decided that I shouldn’t feel bad about it.  Sometimes people make choices and it’s not my place to judge or to hide my happiness.  I do mourn for broken relationships.  I have finally learned to love with my whole heart holding nothing back.  Seeing others love deeply only to be rejected or mistreated in such a way kills me inside. 

As Ray said, “Perhaps the 40% to 50% of first marriages that end in divorce provides us with a strong indication that “sanctity” does not mean what people think it does.”  True.  Divorce is a tragedy all the way around.  Some people may say that I’m only 10 years into marriage so what do I know.  But I’ll tell you, Heath and I have been through tough times.  We know what it’s like and we still choose to honor one another and especially honor the sacred covenants we have made together with God.  We have the same goals and we will work hard to achieve those goals together.  The peace I feel knowing that we love each other and are in it together for eternity is indescribable. 

I can’t adequately explain how grateful I am for the temple and our opportunity to go yesterday.  So I’ll end on a silly lighthearted note.  Marriage rocks!  Yeah, I would recommend it to a friend. 

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