Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Decade vs. Eternity


I always dreamed of having the fairy tale.


Now I live my own fairy tale! 

Ten years ago today we were married in the Mount Timpanogas Temple. 


We had no idea what we were doing back then.  Of course ten years later we probably still don’t.  We fly by the seat of our pants making it up together.  And we’re still crazy in love.  That’s all that matters. 

Ten years of married life has been an adventure.  We have lived in three apartments.  Two in Utah and one in San Francisco, CA.  Gavin thought the SF apartment was a hotel since he was 3 and we were only there for about 6 weeks.  We have owned a home and we both miss that so much.  Now we live in a great house in a great neighborhood but it’s not ours. 

In the last ten years we have been blessed so much.  We have had a lot of fun together.  I came alive when I met Heath and I can truly say I have never been happier in my life than this last decade. 

I made a scrapbook a couple years ago of 100 reasons why I love Heath.  I was flipping through it today and I just have to smile.  I love the memories in there.  We have some really great memories including our first fight.  Since that day walking around Decker Lake we have learned how to communicate better.  Now we just freely admit we don’t listen to each other.  I think this is the secret to our success.  Honesty.  And fake arguments because they’re fun and get us laughing.  I can’t remember our last real fight.  Does that make you gag?  Sorry! 

We still flirt with each other.  We still find each other attractive.  We still date. 

We have our own interests and have learned to appreciate each other’s interests. 

We’re kind of home bodies and would rather spend time together as a family than doing anything else.  We love our kids and love spending time with them.  Of course the kids’ bedtime is our favorite time because we don’t have to compete for each other’s attention.  Then we fall asleep on the couch watching our favorite shows together.  It reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon where Calvin tried to imagine what it was his parents did every night after they made him go to bed.  He thought they were super heroes or did something equally exciting.  The next frame showed the parents sawing logs on the couch. 

We have grown and learned a lot together.  I’m so glad we can be together forever.  A decade compared to eternity is nothing.  We’re just getting started!  But what a great feeling to know this can last forever and won’t end after death.  Yay for the first ten years!  Here’s to an eternity together. 

2 thoughts:

mintifresh said...

Happy Anniversary!! We just had our 11th :)

We don't listen to each (I teased ElRey one night that we totally have conversations but he's talking about football and I'm talking about family history) and we fake fight, too but we are super honest and flirt alot!

I hope you can do something super fun to celebrate :D

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Thanks Mindi. I think there is something to the fake fighting thing. Heath was telling me a story about that. I missed a lot of the beginning since I wasn't listening! But it was something about how there is not a lot of divorce among soap opera stars because they get out all the drama when they're acting. Interesting huh?