Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Graphic Food Pictures

To polish off Grandma’s visit, I thought I would share several pictures of kids eating. 


These pictures may make some people queasy.  Hence the warning.  And the rest of you will wonder why I took them at all.

I was bored.

The plan was to go to The Olive Garden in San Jose before taking Grandma to the airport.  We quickly changed our minds when we found out the wait was 50 minutes at 1:00 pm.  We drove across the street to try Buca di Beppo.  It took us 30 minutes to get across the street and go once around the parking lot perimeter to see there was no parking.  I’m not making that up!  The parking lot was a madhouse.  We saw valet parking was only $6 so Heath went for it.  My mom was flabbergasted that we would pay so much for someone to park our car.  Welcome to California Mom.  Everything costs money and sometimes the convenience of something is worth the cost. 


Gavin was extremely upset that The Olive Garden wasn’t going to work out.  He had it planned out in his mind and since he was tired and hungry he was irrationally inconsolable about the change of plans.  Buca di Beppo hooked him up though.  He ate his entire pizza. 

We were seated right away since this Italian restaurant wasn’t busy.  Our waiter came soon after to get our drink order.  Then he came back in a reasonable amount of time to give us our drinks and bread.  Then he played a couple games of poker.  I don’t know, I’m just guessing because all the bread was gone and our drinks were gone by the time he came back to take our order.  He promised more bread and we had to ask him to refill our drinks. 

I tested my blood sugar and saw a 53.  I immediately grabbed my last four glucose tabs out of my purse because I was really not feeling well.  I sort of felt guilty since the waiter said he would bring more bread but I couldn’t wait.  It’s a good thing I didn’t because he went home to take a shower.  We sat around discussing the finer points of history from the Civil War to the present (not true) and Heath took Parker to the bathroom and came back (true).  Gwen wanted to go with but tripped while trying to catch up so I spent the whole time they were in the restroom consoling her and feeding her fruit snacks.  They came back and I retold the Gwen story.  After that we wrote and published a novel all before the waiter came back with the kids’ food.  And no bread.  We also asked him to refill our drinks since he hadn’t yet. 

About 10 minutes later he refilled our drinks and brought our food and extra bread.  Then he went on a week long vacation to the Cayman Islands.  The host checked on us.  We asked for more refills.  Seriously!  This is why I buy soda at restaurants.  Because a good waiter or waitress will refill it and do so often! 

Basically, once we were done there was very little to do but take pictures of Gwen who was bored enough to keep eating. 




The delirious dullness of it all even caused Heath to share his drink with the kids who claimed they were dying of thirst.  You can see that at this point in asking for refills we slowed down on our drinking significantly.  


Ta da!  All done.  Now where is the waiter?  He took the scenic route back from his vacation to take care of his grandmother’s sick cat.  He finally graced us with his presence and we asked for the check.  No, we don’t need more bread.  No, if Parker can’t eat his pizza here he will definitely not eat it later so don’t box it up.  We’ve licked everything else clean.  You can put the dishes back in the cupboard if you want to.  No, don’t even offer dessert.  My mom could walk to the airport faster than we’re getting her there at this rate and if you don’t hurry she may have to.  He walked away and watched the first season of American Idol just to see Kelly Clarkson cry in her winning number. 

If I wasn’t an honest person I would have walked out.  Nobody would have ever known.  In fact, we walked up to the front hoping somebody would ask if they could help us.  Nada.  The host finally asked if we needed anything and we told him we were waiting for the check.  Heath sent me out with Gwen and Parker to get our van from the valet.  I was afraid I would have to circle the parking lot waiting for my mom and Heath to sign the checks.  They came out right as the valet pulled up to the curb.  As you probably guessed, the valet’s tip was much higher than the waiter’s tip.

Mom made it to the airport on time.  The fun part of the day was earlier when we went to the Kids Discovery Museum but I may make a video of that trip which will be posted later of course.  It was sad to see my mom go.  We had a lot of fun and plenty of memories. 

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Dawn said...

I am not a vindictive person but I have decided to start complaining to the management about poor service. A week or so ago I called the Keg in Lynnwood to see if they could seat nine people in a reasonable amount of time. The hostess told me in a very snotty tone that normally they could not possibly do that but I was lucky it was a slow night. I thought, “If everyone there is like you I can see why it was slow.” It happened that the manager helped to bring our food out and I told him of my experience. He let me know he appreciated it and said he needed us to eat there but he didn’t need employees like that. He has a stack of applications as long as his arm. What is with these people? I know restaurant work is tough, I’ve done that, but can we at least use some manners? From now on I am telling on them, nana-nana-nana.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Yes, some jobs are tougher than others but don't get a job where you have to take care of people if you're not nice! Good for you for speaking up. I'm too passive aggressive and tend to voice my dissatisfaction with bad tips. The worst Heath and I ever gave was a penny to a really rude waitress.