Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Heart You


This is a hairstyle I wanted to save for Valentine’s Day but when I found out there’s no school on Monday I went a little heart crazy. 

FYI:  I did the heart too big and too high up yesterday.  Of course it was a day that Gwen decided to play a million rounds of hopscotch while we were dropping off Parker.  The heart was flopping onto her forehead so I fixed it when we got home.  I did a smaller one on the side of her head since that seems to be the best position for it. 


I always ask Gwen what I should do with her hair and she always replies with, “Princess ones!”  So I end up figuring something out on my own anyway.  Today I asked if I should just redo her heart and she said yes because her shirt and shoes have hearts.  Very observant! 


Gavin didn’t understand that Gwen had a heart in her hair.  She turned her head and said, “See?  In my hair.”  She was very satisfied with herself.  Ok, so what happened to my little girl in the last picture?  She’s still turning 3 in a couple weeks right? 

Today we got a lot of compliments on the heart.  It’s so easy to do and looks really cute.  You still have time to practice before the big day.  Heart up for Monday! 

3 thoughts:

sugarpierdh said...

I love it!!! The heart turned out so cute in Gwen's hair.

Dawn said...

Adorable! But I don’t think Barry will let me do it in his hair.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Thanks Candi and Dawn! I think it's too bad that Barry won't let you do it in his hair though. :)