Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mormon Boy Learns: Life is a Cabernet

Life in the business world is a lot like life in the college world.  There are the Ivy League businesses, the community businesses and the party businesses. 

Agencies are the party businesses.  Agency life is fast paced and demanding.  As a result meetings come with alcohol either at the office or at a bar.  Everything is celebrated with alcohol.  The fridge is stocked with beer while the hard stuff is kept somewhere else for special occasions.  Employees each get their own bottle of wine as a Christmas gift and for various other celebrations.  Schmoozing, wining and dining is the name of the game. 

My husband works for an agency.  We are Mormons

That’s right.  Every day I send Heath into the city with the beautiful women and fancy cars, where men wear power suits and the women wear tight clothing.  

Recently his company pitched to a wine company in Napa.  Winning this business would be huge.  Everyone brought their A game to woo the potential client whose cheapest bottle of wine is $99.  After all was said and done the business was won.  The winery liked what everyone had to offer but what impressed them the most was the analytics. 

The Mormon boy’s expertise. 

Heath brought home another bottle of wine to celebrate the new business, which he gave to our neighbors.  This is usually what he does.  If he can’t give it to someone else at work he’ll bring it home and take it to the neighbors.  The neighbors gave us a can of walnuts because Mr. Neighbor works for a nut company.  Too bad we didn’t know him when he worked for Dreyer’s ice cream! 

How has this new client changed our lives?  It hasn’t really.  Heath gets to be the hero and analyze data for the winery.  It’s a great story for a dry party.  For instance, he took the youth to do baptisms for the dead at the temple then the next day he met with the new controversial client.  He also has this great new conversation piece to show off. 


Maybe life really is a cabernet!  I wouldn’t know.

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