Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mother of all Princess Parties

Preparations for this party actually started soon after Gwen was born.  The instant bond between Gwen and her little friends at church, even before any of them were old enough to be in Nursery together,  made me want to host a birthday party when Gwen turned 3 years old.  Maybe that sounds weird but it’s true.  Gwen is the youngest of her little friends so she was invited to everyone else’s parties first.  That kind of cemented the idea in my head. 

Naturally I went with a princess theme because Gwen is obsessed with princesses and femininity and anything pretty.  I hope the other girls, and more importantly their parents, were ok with the baptism of girliness I subjected them to for an hour and a half or however long the party ended up being. 


My arsenal of femininity was cocked days before the party.  I had a well thought out and organized plan.  I had the supplies to execute on the plan.  I was ready for action. 


This was the scary part for me since I feel challenged when it comes to party décor.  I know how I like to decorate my home but as far as party, activity, or even lesson decorations, I am clueless and have a tendency to forget that ambiance is an important part of what I’m doing.  That in mind, I think we scored some pretty awesome decorations that really set the tone for a cute princess party.


The wall mural was very cool.  I don’t know when we will ever have occasion to use it again but we did carefully fold up all the plastic sheets to save for later. 


Originally we had talked about putting the happy birthday banner outside but then Heath said to hang it from the railing.  That was fine and all but then I got nervous that I needed to decorate the door somehow so people knew this was the right place.  I had invited two little girls I didn’t know as well and they had never been to our house before.  Maybe I’m the only one with such a heightened fear of going out that I’m grateful for balloons and decorations when I go to a baby shower or birthday party.  It lets me know I made it to the right house!  The birthday banner is still hanging outside.  Why not? 


This was an impulse move on my part.  I probably didn’t need a sign with leftover princesses and my barely legible handwriting welcoming people to the party! 



All my food ideas were from online sources.  I knew I had good ideas but I had no idea it would look so adorably like a tea party!  Seriously, this was the best part of the party and I’m not into food at parties.  The parents were so impressed with how quiet and polite all the girls were while they chatted and ate.  A dad was concerned when I threw out the white tablecloth.  He thought I was crazy!  I assured him my kids have eaten on it before and stained it too.  No worries.  The party just needed that extra dose of pretty.  It was the final touch to what was the most darling tea party of girls ever. 

One cute food idea said to put a stick in star shaped sugar cookies to look like magic wands.

Gwen's-birthday-celebrations-023  This was the first attempt. 

Gwen's-birthday-celebrations-024  Second attempt.  They still don’t look like stars.  It was late and we hadn’t let the dough refrigerate long enough, I think, so we just decided to make the best of a bad situation. 


Behold the royal scepters!  Not bad right?  Nobody had any idea what they were supposed to look like so the “scepters” were a success.  Plus, the cookies taste so good.  You know those huge pink frosted sugar cookies that are individually wrapped?  They have like 30 grams of fat in them and they taste like a sugar cloud from heaven?  That’s what these soft sugar cookies tasted like. 


These little sandwiches were so easy I made them!  And they tasted really good too.  It’s just cream cheese, jam, and bread.  I made three sandwiches and was able to cut out four hearts from each sandwich for a total of 12 mini sandwiches for the girls, who only ate one a piece.  It’s like they had ginormous cookie scepters and pink lemonade too.  Then we had to eat cake. 


What’s a party without cake?  Could this cake be any more perfect?  We didn’t have to special order it or anything.  It was just in the refrigerated section of premade cakes.  The girls each got a cupcake which had plastic rings on top.  Perfect. 

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Mother of all Princess Parties where I share even more pictures and video from the party.  Imagine if you will six 3 year old girls getting princessified with makeup, crafting, and playing games.  The games are definitely worth coming back for! 

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