Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Kids + Sleeping = Funny

The thought process of a child about to sleep has always interested me. 


This looks comfortable!  At least he’s still dressed. 

Gavin used to strip down during nap time and fall asleep naked.  Maybe his clothes were too cumbersome for sleep.  Maybe his dreams were better when he was in his birthday suit. 


Parker would fight sleep like crazy then fall asleep in the strangest places.  If he wasn’t asleep on the floor in front of the baby gate he was in Gavin’s bed.  Maybe Gavin’s bed was more comfortable.  Maybe Gavin showed up in his dreams better when Parker slept in Gavin’s bed. 


Gwen has always had her own room.  This makes her a terrible roommate in hotels.  She’s not used to sleeping in the same room as others.  Her big thing lately is to get up and play.  Maybe in her mind life is too short to waste on boring sleep.  I tend to agree with that theory since I’m such a night owl but I get uptight when I see her light on at 11:00 pm or later. 

One nice thing about lamps instead of overhead lights is that we can switch off her lamp.  She can play with the light switch all she wants but there won’t be any light in her room.  Oh the creative lengths parents will go to with stubborn children.  Gwen has found a way to foil this plan.  She gathers as many toys as she can to keep in her bed.  She has books, dolls, cars, pretend food in case she gets pretend hungry, you name it it’s in there.  Her very own toy menagerie.  The other morning I woke her up since I was carpooling.  She had her pink pearl necklace on.  I picked her up and a princess shoe fell on the floor.  The next night when I pulled up the covers I noticed the other princess shoe in her bed.  Maybe her dreams are fancy and require her best outfit. 

The boys used to stay up late giggling and talking and I miss finding them together in Gavin’s bed, the top bunk.  Sometimes they still stay up late giggling and talking but they stay in their own beds.  Sometimes they like to sleep on the floor in their sleeping bags.  Gwen loves to sleep on the floor too.  After her nap I will open her door to find that a toy hurricane came through.  Then I will see her pillow propped up against the wall with a blanket nearby.  The best was when she had her pillow as far into her closet as the dollhouse would allow.  Her head had come off the pillow in her sleep but the blanket stayed on.  She was sleeping on the closet door track.  Maybe that’s comfortable.  I’ve never tried it.  

My sister used to ask Gavin about his dreams.  He was too young to talk yet so he would babble a response to every question she asked.  Gwen believes the fairies in her room wait until she’s asleep to kiss her eyelids and give her pretty dreams.  Some mornings she’s mad that they never did.  I think that’s precious and funny. 

6 thoughts:

Becca Jane said...

Cam likes to climb in Allie's bed and read her stories. I'm sure they'll have all sorts of crazy adventures once she's out of a crib!! I'm thinking of putting the new baby with Cam and giving Roo her own room....keep these crazies apart if I can!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

This is a fun age for sure. Enjoy it while it lasts because it is pretty fleeting. I think you should put the baby with the gender he/she/it matches and let the good times continue to roll.

Dawn said...

We used to have to wait until Kirk was so tired he dropped. He fought going to sleep so much. He fell asleep in his dinner many, many times.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

That's funny. The boys fell asleep in their dinner a lot but I don't remember Gwen ever doing it. Maybe I don't wear her out enough. Of course this is the girl who refuses to sleep in the car on the first day of a trip. That makes for a long drive.

Ray Colon said...

Hi Tristan,

I still marvel at how my 10-year old is revved up at full speed until the last ounce of her energy has been expended, then she falls to sleep in a nanosecond and in a position much like your first photo. During the school week, with a set bedtime, we don't see this behavior as much, but on weekends when she is allowed to stay up, the phenomenon resurfaces.

The giggles I hear from her bedroom, when she has sleep-overs, always crack me up. The things that she and her friends talk about are sometimes silly, but often more genuine that most adult conversations. I don't mind eavesdropping at all. :)

I can't recall having many "dream talks" with either of my girls. It just hasn't really come up much.


The Piquant Storyteller said...

Hi Ray,

I love that your 10 year old still sleeps that way! I miss the cute positions and places my kids would crash in.

Slumber parties can be interesting. How fun for you to be a fly on the wall and overhear their conversations. And your observation about their genuine conversations is true. There's something about lying in bed in the dark that makes people want to open up.

Now that your girls are older I wouldn't recommend the dream talk unless they initiate it.