Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Then and Now

Last night I overbolused for dinner.  I ended up shutting off my basal rates for a couple hours and eating a lot.  Luckily this morning I saw a 178 instead of something in the high 200’s or even into the 300’s.  I worried that my last snack before going to sleep would put me way over the edge.  I needed a number high enough I could fast for lab work that I couldn’t do until I dropped off kids at school.  I played this same game yesterday only without the nighttime lows first.  The lab was closed yesterday for President’s Day so today I was bringing my kids with me!  My endocrinologist appointment is next week and I needed the lab work done so he could get the results in time. 

The interesting thing about last night’s blood sugars and this morning’s fasting is that I did the same thing three years ago to the day.  February 21, 2008 came with a bundle of nerves.  We ran errands mostly to get me out of the house and out of my head.  By late afternoon I was stressing my blood sugar low.  I ate until I was ready to puke but I could not keep my blood sugar up to save my life.  My fears were because I was scheduled to have a c-section the next morning. 

Parker’s c-section was a scary experience for me.  I wasn’t looking forward to having another baby born that way but after two c-sections I didn’t get to try natural childbirth anymore.  The other thing that was stressing me out was the fact that I was told not to eat anything after midnight.  This was my first time having to arrive at the hospital fasting.  At least with my scheduled induction with Parker I was able to eat first and then fast at the hospital where the doctors and nurses were in charge of my insulin needs and any possible lows. 

Gwen was born at 8:03 am on February 22, 2008.  I love her birthday.  We got to pick it.  My doctor told me to choose any day out of a specific week so I picked Friday the 22nd.  Actually it was Heath who suggested the 22nd because 2x2x2=08. 

This morning at 8:03 am I was sitting in my van while kids piled in for school.  Then I took Parker and Gwen with me to the hospital for lab work.  Very strange for me to be there three years later and 30 minutes after she was born getting routine lab work done!  I can’t believe it’s been three years.  That went by so fast. 


She’s funny, sweet, full of life and love, and a great member of our family.  Before she was born I felt like she would balance out our family and not just because she’s a girl.  It’s hard to explain what that meant then and how it seems to be coming true now.  I’m so glad she’s in our lives. 

Happy Birthday Little Miss!

5 thoughts:

Becca Jane said...

Wow, 3 years! She looks so much like you, it's precious! I hope you guys have a wonderful birthday celebration with your girlie!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Thanks Becca. We're celebrating this whole week!

sugarpierdh said...

Happy Happy Birthday Gwen!!!!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday my littlest one! You are so wonderful. I wish I could be there for your party.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

On behalf of Gwen, thank you Aunt Candi and Grandma! I had a fun day. My mom and dad will take a million pictures of my party for my mom to post.