Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tomato Ear


If a picture is worth a thousand words then this picture tells the story of what’s been going on around here. 

We found out yesterday that Parker has Tomato Ear, aka a nasty ear infection.  After keeping me up most of the night while he cried that his ear hurt, he crashed on the couch a couple of times.  The first time we had to wake him up to take him to the doctor.  The second time he crashed for 4.5 hours.  My poor baby.  I love that Gwen gave him a pretend English muffin in case he got pretend hungry. 

The worst part of all of this is that I think Gwen has Tomato Ear now.  When I called to make the appointment yesterday for Parker I told the guy I wanted all of my kids to be seen.  I told him about an appointment I made for Gavin and happened to have the other two with me.  The doctor checked them all and told me Gwen had the early stages of pneumonia as well as an ear infection.  Parker was diagnosed with an ear infection.  Neither one of them showed any symptoms other than their cold symptoms.  I figured if one was that sick it was worth checking them all.  For a mere $75 I heard what I expected to hear about Parker but Gavin and Gwen just had colds.  That made me feel dumb. 

I went to Sacrament Meeting alone today.  I considered not going to church at all but then I felt guilty since I’m not sick.  It seemed like the right thing to do.  I came home to an inconsolable Gwen.  I could not understand what she was so upset about.  I think she said something about not liking the monsters in the movie.  They were watching Despicable Me.  No monsters.  I could tell she was tired so I took her up to my room to have some snuggly cuddly girl time in the rocking chair.  She wouldn’t relax or stop crying but her eyes were heavy so I risked putting her in her bed.  She’s not Parker. She doesn’t fall asleep in anyone’s lap. 

It was so sad to see her cry that she didn’t want to nap but she couldn’t even keep her eyes open.  I rubbed her back and sang to her and walked out hoping for the best.  She slept for a little while and then started crying again.  By the time I decided to just get her since she wasn’t falling asleep, she was standing at her door sobbing so hard she almost couldn’t breathe.  Tell me I don’t feel like the worst mother in the world for letting her cry so long!  I asked if anything hurt and she said her ear hurt.  Of course it does.  I knew she had an ear infection.  That’s why I wanted them all checked yesterday.  But she didn’t have an ear infection yesterday.  So I get to pay another $25 tomorrow to find out that yes she also has Tomato Ear and the doctor will call in antibiotics for her. 

I hate watching my kids be sick.  At least giving Gavin Ibuprofen every night has kept his airway open enough he hasn’t had croup.  Love that little trick.  It’s just not fair that little bodies have to feel sick.  I am exhausted though.  I haven’t had much more than 5 or 6 hours of sleep the last two nights and the first night it wasn’t even consecutive hours.  Tomorrow I get to wake up early to get lab work done and then have an early meeting at my house.  I was looking forward to sleeping in every day this long weekend and I get nothing.  Do you feel bad for me yet?  I haven’t even worked out.  Yesterday I was so tired I could puke and tomorrow I won’t have time.  Still no sympathy?  Man, tough crowd. 

Here’s hoping Tomato Ear doesn’t plague your children and you all have a lovely President’s Day.  Hopefully you or your spouse get the day off.  I love that Heath has the day off.  Our plans may keep changing but we’re loving every minute with our snuggly kids. 

2 thoughts:

Dawn said...

If it helps you had my sympathy from the first sentence. As much as I hate being sick myself it is worse to watch little ones be sick. Give them extra hugs and kisses from grandma.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

I will, thanks. We're all getting cabin fever around here so I will be shipping them to you and you can send them back once they're happy and healthy. Heath's idea in case you were wondering.