Friday, March 18, 2011

Blind Leading the Blind

I have Gavin’s speech post all done but I couldn’t upload the video to youtube yesterday and Heath has my computer tied up while he works from home. 

Speaking of Gavin . . . he’s blind as a bat.  We kind of figured he couldn’t see well when he would stand an inch away from our big screen TV all the time but we had no idea how blind that poor kid actually is! 

Heath likes to tease me for having worse eyesight than him.  He says he can drive without contacts if he has to.  The sidewalks would have to be evacuated if I did that.  Heath also thinks he’s something snazzy because he got glasses at 15.  I was 8.  We both feel so bad for Gavin.  His eyesight is significantly worse than mine and he’s 7.  Age really has nothing to do with how bad we feel though.  We feel awful that the poor kid can hardly see anything at a distance.  I have no idea how he survives in this world.  At least he doesn’t run into walls or furniture but pretty close. 

He’s very bummed that his glasses won’t be ready for a week.  Poor kid.  At least he’s excited to have glasses.  But I think nowadays nobody will tease him about having glasses.  If they do he can finally see to punch them in the nose. 

Heath and I got new glasses too.  My glasses are scratched so badly I can hardly see out of them and they have been so bent and beat up they barely resemble their original shape.  I told the eye doctor that they’ve been through 3 kids.  She was very understanding.  Heath made sure he told everyone what happened to his last pair of glasses 5 or more years ago.  Actually we don’t know what happened to them.  We can only assume Gavin threw them in the garbage because we never could find them anywhere.  Even when we moved!  Gavin was just a toddler so all we could do was laugh. 

Parker, who suffers from Middle Child Syndrome, wants glasses.  He’s extremely sad he doesn’t get any.  That’s a tough one.  How do we tell him that it’s better to have perfect eyesight without making Gavin feel bad for being the product of our crappy genes and needing glasses?  Heath just told him that it’s not good to wear glasses if you don’t need them.  Hopefully that’s enough. 

I get to go back in a week for a follow up on the new contacts the doctor is having me try.  Hopefully they don’t float on my eyes as much as the Biofinity contacts did.  I could almost always feel the edges of those contacts too.  I don’t think they fit as well as they should.  So I will pick up our prescriptions, hopefully paper so we can get cheaper contacts from Costco or 1-800-CONTACTS, and I’ll get whatever glasses are ready.  Mine will take longer since I’m getting more done to the lenses.  Then lucky me, I get to go see an ophthalmologist in a couple weeks to see what the diabetes is doing to my eyes. 

My total was the highest.  It doesn’t matter what I do I’m always the most expensive.  I thought it was because I chose Vera Wang frames but about half the total is for the lenses and all the things I’m having done to them – making them thinner and the protective coatings, etc. 

In about a week we will all look much smarter in our sophisticated new frames but looks aren’t everything!  Seeing is. 

3 thoughts:

Dawn said...

Gavin is going to be so amazed at all he can see. I remember thinking, "Wow, you can see individual leaves on the trees." He may think, "Wow, I can see the trees."

It might be time for cool new sun glasses for the other two kids. No matter what you cost you're worth it!

Dawn said...

Barry just mentioned you need to tell the eye doctor about his optic nerve atrophy. It does have a hereditary component. Both of our boys escaped but it may have skipped a generation.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Funny you should talk about seeing leaves on the trees. I remember thinking the same thing when I got my glasses. I even asked Gavin if he could see leaves or just a blur of green. He didn't know how to answer. I bet he doesn't even know what he's missing.

Thanks for validating me! I hate how expensive I am for things I can't help so I feel bad when I'm all expensive because I'm a girl.

Thanks for reminding us about the optic nerve atrophy. The doctor did say we should have the other two checked too. Darn genetics!