Monday, March 14, 2011

The difference between feet and inches is a little line


Gavin came home from school with this one day.  It’s a coast redwood seedling.  He also had instructions for planting it either in the yard or in a pot. 

I skimmed the instructions for planting in a pot because I didn’t know where to put a redwood tree in our yard. 


Redwood trees are huge.  I’ve heard rumors that cars can drive through redwood trunks in the redwood forest.  That’s a wide tree trunk.  They grow super tall too; up to 3 feet a year.  It’s hard to photograph trees while riding in a train but even then I’m not sure Heath could have photographed the tops of these trees anyway. 

I decided we couldn’t do anything with the tree seedling because the instructions called for a 6 foot diameter pot.  I didn’t even know where I could find a pot that big.  Later I showed the instructions to Heath.  As I walked away he said, “What do two little lines mean?”  I knew exactly what he meant the moment he said it and I felt so stupid!  I said, “Inches!” and we both laughed.  The instructions said “The pot you choose should be at least 6” in diameter.”  Not 6’.  There’s a difference! 

5 thoughts:

Ray Colon said...

Oh, TWO little lines! LOL

It's a good thing, Tristan, that you had this conversation before you found someone to sell you a 6-foot pot. :)

We've all been there, silly rabbit.

Loved this,

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Thanks Ray. That would make for a great conversation with a store employee, right? :)

sugarpierdh said...

That's hilarious!! A 6' pot would be gigantic. And, just for fun, it's the Sequoia trees you can drive through. The Redwood trees are tall and skinny comparatively.

Dawn said...

Not only would it be dificult to find the six foot pot but think of how much soil it would take to fill it!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Thanks for correcting me Candi. If I'm going to be an idiot I may as well go all out! :)

Yes, Dawn, a 6 foot pot would fill up half my family room and take so much soil I may as well plant the thing in my yard!