Thursday, March 24, 2011

Germs = Creativity or Cold Hair Continued


It’s been 10 days since Gwen’s nose started oozing.  It’s been 6 days that Gavin has had a fever every. single. day.  This is the fourth day in a row that he has missed school. 


To say I’m going crazy is to put it mildly! 

Today is the second day that Parker has asked me to just drop him off in the drop off zone at school.  Bless that child!  It is raining blankets of heavy rain.  The ground cannot absorb any more rain so it’s puddly everywhere.  And my confident little 5 year old knew I didn’t want the other kids to have to get out so he told me I didn’t have to get out either.  See?  Every cloud has a silver lining. 

I did take Gavin to the doctor yesterday because it felt like it was my responsibility to do so after calling him in sick 3 days in a row.  For $25 I learned there is nothing more I can do for him.  He has the flu and now cold symptoms on top of it.  Poor guy.  The doctor says to take him back in if he isn’t better by the middle of next week.  Yes, the middle of next week!  At least he gets his new glasses tomorrow.  He hasn’t had to strain to see the board all week!  See?  Silver lining. 

This has gotten my creative juices flowing.  I washed Gavin’s nice water bottle months ago and lost the straw that goes with it.  The dishwasher just ate it because I cannot find it anywhere.  So today I made him lemonade so he would stay hydrated and I cut a disposable straw to the right length so all he has to do is lay on the couch, watching Neverending Story, and sip away.  I have given up on making him do anything academic all day.  We’re both sick of my failed attempts at homeschooling.  He’s caught up on his homework and the rain is so depressing I just broke down and popped in a movie. 

The point of this post was not to cry about Gavin’s illness but to post pictures of Gwen’s hair for the last 10 days.  This is the longest she has had a runny nose so my creativity has been well exercised. 


I took these pictures to show how well the shamrock held up for the day.  This is what it looked like the morning after.  A little fuzzy on the sides but practically perfect! 


The Hokahonka look.  Gwen calls Pocahontas Hokanonka!  It’s hilarious.  So I read the little board book that way just to hear Heath laugh.  This hairstyle was a stroke of genius after Gwen’s bath.  I hate getting her all clean just to have her hair glued to her face.  So I put it in two simple braids.  It kept the hair out of her face and her hair was easy to comb the next morning.  No tangles at all. 


A variation on the Hokahonka look.  Two French braids.  A random mom at the library complimented the look and told me the braids were so perfect.  I thanked her of course but I really didn’t know what to do with that compliment. 


After 10 days I think I started to forget what I had done with her hair.  Today’s look is just two upside down French braids. 


These two days look familiar!  I guess I did these two half French braids into a ponytail a couple of times without remembering.  Now onto some different looks . . .


This little style came after much frustration.  I had given Gwen a bath that morning because the night before was too busy.  I hate trying to do her hair straight out of the bath.  It’s too soft!  So in frustration I did this side French braid that is really easy for me.  It’s kind of my variation on the popular side French braid where the bangs are braided in.  I’ve tried to get her bangs into the braid but it doesn’t work.  I do it this way and it’s super cute.  I normally leave the rest of her hair down but because of her snotty nose I pulled the rest of it into a ponytail.  I was surprised by the results.  I may have to do this one again. 


Sunday’s look came out really well.  The best I’ve done on this style.  I just twist both sides picking up hair like a French braid.  Then I put both sides together and flipped the ponytail through itself.  Very soft and romantic which just seems perfect for church for some reason. 


I had a Relief Society planning meeting at my house and I was in a hurry to get Gwen’s hair done.  I quickly pulled it up into two ponytails.  You can see how quickly I did it by the crooked part!  I haven’t done Gwen’s hair in two ponytails for maybe a year now.  I don’t remember why I stopped doing it but I thought it was cute.  My mom did my hair like this once when I was in first grade and I remember hating her all day.  How dare she do my hair like a baby!  My hair was really long so the ponytails were really long.  Gwen’s long ponytails reminded me of that day.  I figure she’s only 3 so this is still a viable style for her. 


Last but not least, this is what I threw together in a matter of 2 minutes or less yesterday as we rushed out the door for the doctor’s appointment.  I remember seeing this style on that Adopt a Do blog I love to read.  It was a look meant for dads to do.  It’s super easy but looks complicated.  It’s just a ponytail with another elastic tied off a couple inches down.  Then you split the hair and flip the tail through the middle of the two elastics.  It looks like you fish tail braided the hair.  For longer hair you can do this several times.  I will say it’s probably a better look for older girls because Gwen’s hair looked like she had slept on it before we picked up Parker from school.  Cute but not long lasting. 

So there you go.  A 10 page post on different hairstyles to keep hair out of your little one’s runny nose. 

4 thoughts:

Ed said...

I love all the hairstyles. Gwen looks great. :)

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Thanks Candi? Keep doing Izzy's hair and soon she'll have enough hair for these styles too. It was fun coming up with something new every day and of course Gwen loves to have her picture taken.

Becca Jane said...

I like the two simple braids! So cute! I can't wait until I can braid Roo's hair. It just keeps getting thicker...but it really hasn't gotten any longer.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

becca, just be patient. It will grow longer. It takes a long time but one day you'll realize how much it's changed.
I'm typing this on my new phone!