Friday, March 4, 2011

Meesa say what? or More gungun than you need on Valentine’s Day

Have you heard the hubbub?  Star Wars is being rereleased next year in 3D!  I know.  How stupid. 

I don’t know why everyone thinks 3D is so cool.  All the 3D movies I’ve seen not only require glasses but the images are right in front of my nose.  I find myself pulling back the whole time because I’m going cross eyed. 

When we had to buy a new family TV the kids wanted a 3D one.  Instead we got one that allows me to access Twitter on it.  I have yet to use this function.  I haven’t tweeted in a while but the idea of tweeting my idiotic comments to commercials is tempting. 

The next time that Seasonique commercial comes on and the girls look straight into my eyes saying, “Did you know that when you’re on the pill there is no medical need to have a period?  With Seasonique you have four periods a year!”  I’m thinking why have one at all?  And while we’re at it, if I have taken steps guaranteeing I will never get pregnant again, is there still a medical need for me to have a period?  Nobody on Twitter cares about that though so I don’t tweet it.  I did love last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory when LaVar Burton walked in late to Sheldon’s party gone awry and walked out muttering, “I’m so done with Twitter!” 

Even dumber than my lame tweets that thankfully I don’t tweet is Star Wars being released in 3D.  On Valentine’s Day.  For real.  Can you imagine that couple’s conversation?

Guy:  Honey, I got us a babysitter for Valentine’s Day!
Girl:  Really?  Oh Sweetie Pea you are so wonderful!  What are we doing?
Guy:  I was thinking dinner and a movie.
Girl:  I think we should watch “How to Lose a Walk to a Runaway Bride Whose Got Mail P.S. I Love the Notebook
Guy:  No, I think we should watch Star Wars in 3D.
Girl:  Meesa think you stupid!

2 thoughts:

Ray Colon said...

Hi Tristan,

Yeah, the 3D release of Star Wars is probably a lame idea, but I have to admit that when I heard that they were re-releasing one of my favorite movies, 300, in 3D, my first reaction was, "Cool!"

I don't know why.

I get almost all of my "TV" viewing done on computer. Between Hulu, iTunes, and Netflix, I rarely watch regular TV anymore, except for sports, of course. One of the benefits is not having to sit through all of those excruciatingly annoying commercials -- especially infomercials, which I am convinced only exist to dull the senses.

Twitter is the last place that you should worry about censoring your thoughts, so feel free to tweet away whenever a commercial inspires you. :)


The Piquant Storyteller said...

Hi Ray,

I'm happy your favorite movie is coming out in 3D, I guess. I still don't understand the point of 3D. Maybe movies being re-released in 3D would be better than the gimmicky 3D aspects of movies now. Give me holograms and maybe then I'll be impressed.

Although holograms or not, I think we need to ask ourselves why entertainment needs to be so realistic and feel as if we're actually there experiencing it. Because heaven forbid I get off the permanent dent in my couch and have a real life experience rather than watch it on TV. Just my opinion.

The only time I really get to watch anything on TV I find interesting is after the kids go to bed and my husband and I watch whatever we have on the DVR. So I really don't see too many commercials anymore. This is a good and bad thing. I like commercials most of the time. The quality has definitely gone downhill and unfortunately those are the ones I see over and over.

Not censoring my thoughts on Twitter . . . hmm. I do like to follow the breath of fresh air people, as I like to call them. The people who don't always tweet on one subject. Maybe I should tweet when I watch TV. I get my best ideas from TV!