Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Moments of Magic

It was an unremarkable spring day yet everything about it was magical.  That was the best part.  Every once in a while it’s nice to recognize the magic in a moment with a child. 

After weeks of gloomy, cold rain, spring finally sprung.  It sprung so hard it feels like summer now, complete with an already forming sunburn on my arms.  The highest temperature I have seen today is 81 degrees.  Yep, we sprung straight into summer.  A lot of rain will do that. 

We didn’t find any fairies on our walk even though we sure tried. 

The alien wouldn’t talk to us either but somehow it didn’t matter. 

There was enough magic to go around.  I was reminded of a talk I heard a few years ago where the speaker encouraged the congregation to never stop wondering.  May my children keep me young and always full of wonder for the beautiful world around us.  And may I have many more moments where I fall even deeper in love with them. 

2 thoughts:

Ray Colon said...

Hi Tristan,

It's so nice to see that you're enjoying spring/summer. It's snowing here right now, so I don't mind telling you that I'm jealous. :) I know that spring will be here soon, so I'm trying to be patient.

It's good to step back and recognize how wonderful it is to observe our children as they discover the world. They are moments of magic. It all goes by so quickly.


The Piquant Storyteller said...

Hi Ray,

I grew up in the Salt Lake City valley so I know about spring snow. I'm sorry for anyone who has to experience a warm (50 degree) day here and there only to have the next day be cold and snowy. You'll get your warmer weather soon.

Childhood does go by so quickly. I'm trying to savor every moment before they grow up since they've all grown up much faster than I was ready for.