Monday, March 28, 2011

My latest obsession


Can you guess which one is real? 

My new phone arrived last week along with my case.  Isn’t that case so me?  I love it.  Not only does my phone look good it does a lot of cool things. 

  • I can play games which is so good for my scrambled mind.  I used to be smart until I had kids.  Now I can practice my math facts and live longer while avoiding Alzheimer's. 
  • I can make a shopping list.
  • I can take pictures.  Supposedly the phone camera is the same quality as my Canon. 
  • I can email and text pictures.
  • I can email and text from my phone.  My mom is so excited!  Funny that I spent a lot of Friday and Saturday texting my sister but I haven’t texted my mom yet.  I need to find her cell number so I can call her and then she’ll have my number. 
  • I can access the Internet. 
  • I can play Pandora.  My brother in law told me to do that but I haven’t yet.  I love Pandora but I don’t have a lot of need to play it on my phone when I can listen from my TV and Blu-ray player.  This is my other new obsession.  Listening to Pandora on the TV is awesome.  The sound comes out the surround speakers and fills the house without sounding like the volume is too high for the size of the speakers.  Pandora on the computer sounded like that a little.  The computer speakers are much smaller and not meant to fill the house with beautiful music. 
  • If I ever had to I could even get Facebook updates on my phone.  I still have a no Facebook for me rule. 
  • I can plan things in my calendar and my phone will remind me -  like to breathe in and out every day, shower, and feed the kids.  The only problem is I can’t say I forgot ever again.  Like my kids would ever let me forget to feed them!  It’s one big graze fest around here. 
  • I can do so many things with my new phone.  Most of which I probably don’t remember because I haven’t practiced it yet. 
  • Oh yeah!  I can also make phone calls. 

I kind of liked my anonymity though so I’m not sure if I want to give out my number as a reasonable way to reach me!  If I do give you my number you should consider yourself extremely lucky.  I may even answer!  Heath makes me charge my phone every night and he makes me take it with me everywhere.  It’s like I’m participating in a trend or something! 

Gavin said he wanted a phone.  We told him that he’s only 7.  Who was he planning on calling?  We thought that was the end of that conversation.  It was sort of.  He made himself a phone.  It was on the back of a handwriting practice page I made him do while he was sick.  He says his case has letters on it!  His phone has most of the buttons on the home screen that our phones have.  In people he drew me with glasses and his dad.  He drew a picture of himself with glasses on the picture button.  Too bad the glasses weren’t ready yet.  Gavin is too funny.  I love that he has his own cell phone and he carries it everywhere with him.  I also love that he can’t wait to get glasses.  He says he’ll be the coolest kid ever!  He doesn’t know that he already is.  Glasses would just be the cherry on top. 

Better go.  My phone is calling my name . . .

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Ray Colon said...

No buyers remorse from you I see, Tristan. I'm glad that you are enjoying your new phone.

I don't spend much time online on Facebook, but I will say that I do check in more often since I started using the phone app. I rarely go to Facebook on my computer because of the chat feature. There never seems to be a good way of saying, "Hey, I don't feel like chatting!" :)

I have a recommendation for you. The app is called Pando. With a little practice, you can snip together great panoramic pictures.

The novelty of the paper phone is sure to wear off soon, so be prepared for more requests for a phone of his own from Gavin. My youngest wore me down and was given a phone at nine. She was just about the last of her peers to get one. How times have changed.


Ed said...

You can make phone calls too?! That's crazy! ;)

The Piquant Storyteller said...

No buyer's remorse from me, Ray. The most important part is that Heath has no buyer's remorse. He finally found a phone that I will use!

Pando sounds pretty cool. I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the heads up.

Yes, the novelty of the paper phone will wear off soon. I'm not sure what's worse though - Gavin wanting a real phone or wanting a real pet. He came home from school with a "pet" in a pet box and everything. The way he was talking about it I was afraid there was a real cat in there. No, just a stuffed toy, thank goodness! I'd spring for a real phone before a real pet any day.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Ed, you crack me up!

Heath Westover said...


I saw this news release and I had to share:


The Piquant Storyteller said...

Interesting article, Heath. I can believe that's true for a lot of women. I kind of hope I never become one of them. But who knows? My phone is pretty cool!

Dawn said...

Okay, just so you know. I had to go out and buy a new keyboard so the I could type I liked Gavin’s phone best. The “L” on my old keyboard refused to work. The one had some issues too so when I pounded on the l and it wouldn’t work last night I had to go to the store just to let Gavin know his phone was too cool. And his calling plan is a whole lot cheaper too. What an imagination! And NO seven year-old or, sorry, nine year old needs a cell phone. Maybe when they start driving.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Dawn, I'm sorry you had to buy a new keyboard but I'm glad you did. All my keys work but I have worn off about half the letters. Heath just shakes his head.

I was impressed with Gavin's ingenuity too. He's so funny. I told him his phone is really light and much easier to carry around than mine. I didn't think of the cheaper calling plan! That's true too.

As far as your opinion on what age children should get phones, I want to play devil's advocate a little. I think it depends on the child. Gavin doesn't even use the home phone so it's a no brainer that he doesn't need a cell phone.

Times keep changing. I was appalled that one of my 4th graders had his own cell phone but now I think that if a 9 year old is involved with enough friends and is in enough activities to need a phone to call home, I don't see why it's a bad thing. There are still ways to put restrictions on a child's phone. Just my piquant opinion! :)