Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Say What

Gavin:  Are there any bonus features on this DVD?
Heath and Me:  ???
G:  I’m saying it in a different way.  I mean is there any dessert?  This meal is like a DVD. 

Parker:  Stop!  I’m trying to be sick.

Parker:  Mom, can I have strange cheese?
Me:  You mean string cheese?
Parker:  Yeah, strange cheese. 

Parker:  You know witches aren’t real but we still talk about it in the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Me:  What?
Parker repeated what he said before thinking that would help me figure out how witches fit into the Pledge of Allegiance.
Me:  Oh!  For which it stands! 

Me:  Gavin, I’m just teasing you. 
Parker:  It’s not funny to tease people.
Me:  For me it is. 
Parker:  Teasing is mean.
Heath:  There’s a difference between teasing in a lighthearted joking way and bullying.
Gavin:  We learned about bullying at school.
Heath:  Gavin, I know you will never bully anyone. 
Parker:  I can lift a bowling ball behind me and throw it because I’m so strong! 
Me:  These mashed potatoes are so creamy!  (This is our way of saying welcome to the random conversation.)
Heath:  Parker, we were talking about bullies not bowling with a ball.
Me:  Oh that’s what he meant!  I’m glad you followed that train of thought because it came out of nowhere for me! 

Gavin:  I’m going to be 33 in 16 years.
Heath:  You’re not going to be 33 in 16 years. 
Gavin:  Yeah.  I did the math.
Heath:  What’s 16 + 7?
Gavin:  13.
Heath:  16 + 7 is not 13 either!  What kind of math are they teaching you at that school? 

Parker:  Not everything is yours.
Gwen:  Everything MINE! 

Me:  Who peed on the floor in the bathroom?
Parker:  Not me!
Gwen:  I did.
Me:  You pee in the potty not on the floor.
Gwen:  Oh.

Parker:  I know why they call it strange cheese.  Because it looks so strange.
Me:  You’re the only one who calls it that.  It’s actually string cheese.
Parker:  Oh, I get it now! 

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