Sunday, March 20, 2011

Things that make you go hmmm . . .


This is Heath’s second cell phone.  Really.  How many cell phones does one need?  It was probably a good idea for him to get a second cell phone so he would only do business on his company phone. 

Unfortunately this new phone bit the dust.  It jumped out of Gavin’s hands spiraling into a suicidal free fall, crashing onto the hard tile floor of the Shane Company.  There was no belly flop nor did it fall flat on its back.  No, it experienced the one in a million chance that the impact would be on the bottom right hand corner which cracked the screen.  An expensive paperweight.  Nothing can be seen on the screen.  It’s the black screen of death even though everything else works.  Heath had to call his brother to find out what he texted since Heath couldn’t read it. 

It was a silent ride home.  Gavin felt bad for the accident.  Heath was so mad he was shaking but he never said anything.  I was quiet since I knew there was nothing to say to make it better.  Secretly I was in awe of Heath and his composure.  I wish I could be more like him and immediately forgive while quietly calming myself.  So mad props to Heath for always being a wonderful husband and father. 

When we got home Heath headed out to the mall to see what could be done to save the phone.  He called me from his cell phone so I thought that meant they fixed it.  No, he just knows where to touch on the screen to call home.  Impressive. 

He was calling to tell me that T Mobile wanted to charge him over $400 to fix the phone.  He threatened to take his business elsewhere so they magically found out that it would really only be $150 to fix it.  A new phone would be $200 and it would cost him $200 to get out of his contract with them.  Not looking good. 

His next stop was AT&T to look into new phones.  He wants to get me one too.  After waiting for 20 minutes to be helped he just walked out.  There was a BYU game on soon!  Good thing they won last night or it would have been a somber evening around our house. 

The plan was still to bundle everything with AT&T and finally get rid of Comcast.  This plan would save us over $100 a month in bills.  Heath wanted to find a couple Windows phones on Amazon because that’s how he got the original one.  It was much cheaper through Amazon.  He ordered two phones. 

For a penny a piece. 

I know.  I couldn’t believe it either!  He had to pull up the invoice to prove to me he paid two cents for two phones.  Then he showed me this.  Did you click on the link?  It says the phone’s list price is $499.99 next to that it says Price From: $0.01!  Click on the link.  I am so not making this up!  Then he told me that as of today AT&T bought T Mobile.  I couldn’t make that up even if I wanted to!  Do you hear the Twilight Zone theme song too?  Hmmm . . . .

3 thoughts:

Ray Colon said...

Yes Tristan, that ability to pause before reacting comes in handy when our precious little ones make an oopsie. The ones that comes to mind are the "I can carry it" claims, followed by the crash of whatever "it" is that is being carried at the time. :)

Since breaking a new phone years ago, I've bought a cover for all of the subsequent ones. The covers are usually overpriced, but they do seem to work.

One cent phones, eh? That has to be the bargain of the year!


The Piquant Storyteller said...

Hi Ray,

Yes, sometimes kids have to learn from mistakes like everyone else.

We bought covers for the penny phones. My cover was $5.99 on Amazon so with the cost of the phone my total was $6.00. There was no sales tax and we have free shipping. Sweet!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

For the record, Heath said he did have a case for his phone. It was one of the hard plastic ones. The ones we're getting are the more rubbery kind. Anyway, the hit must have been that perfect on the corner to crack the screen making the phone a nice paperweight.