Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let me tell you a story


Cat Gave Up by Gavin

Once there was a little fish that lived in a little bowl.  Once a cat came to eat him.  It was scary for him.  “I’ll get you for lunch soon!” he shouted. 

“Someone now!  Someone soon help me!” he (Fish) shouted.

He started out getting a ladder to climb in the bowl.  Once he was up he felt like it will tip over.  “Uh oh,” he said.  It tipped over. 

“Tell me!  Tell me!  Tell me now!  What will he do next?” said Fish.

“That’s a something all I can say is you’ll see soon, oh you will!” said Cat. 

He grabbed a net oh so fast.  The harder he tried to catch Fish in that net Fish went faster.  Cat was mad.  He was so mad he gave up.  After that crime the rest of Fish’s life was fine. 

Gavin’s stories are improving every week.  I fixed some of the punctuation like putting the dialog onto a new line but that’s all.  I love watching Gavin’s eyes light up when he writes a story for school.  He loves to write for the fun of it too.  He is inspired by things he reads like his hero, Dr. Seuss and his new favorite, Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.  He loves to imagine his stories as a movie, which is what he did with this story.  I find it amazing that this kid rocks at math as well as spelling and he loves to write.  Most people are good at math but not English or vice versa.  This kid is just too smart and I couldn’t be more proud. 

Gwen was reading herself a library book.  She knows the basic story from when I’ve read it to her.  The book is Falling for Rapunzel by Leah Wilcox.  It’s a really cute and funny story and I think you should read it if you haven’t.  The prince keeps calling up to Rapunzel to let down her hair so he can climb up to her tower but she’s having a bad hair day and keeps thinking he’s saying something else.  She throws down all these crazy things that rhyme with what he said.  He gets frustrated but he loves her so he keeps trying.  At one point Rapunzel throws down her maid when the prince tells her to throw down her braid.  He runs off with the maid.  It’s hilarious. 

I tried to get video of Gwen reading but by the time I grabbed the camera she had an audience with Gavin.  I don’t know if she knew I was filming her.  I also recorded her reading Princess Penelope by Todd Mack.  That time I got in front of her but it wasn’t nearly as cute.  She was playing it up for the camera.  I like the first reading better. 

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