Saturday, April 30, 2011

Picture This

Gwen is in her Spongebob nightgown.  She has a purple fairy skirt on that’s basically an elastic with purple strips of thin fabric flowing from it.  When she put on the skirt she pulled up her nightgown with the skirt so her underwear is showing in the front but especially in the back.  She has taken her pink and white striped train conductor hat from her dad. 

Heath:  Hey Gwen, do you like my hat?
Gwen:  No, that’s not cool Dad!

Earlier today Heath had kissed her cheek and she said, “You’re not my prince!”  Who is this girl?  She is hysterical. 

As soon as she put the hat on she tipped her head to one side and looked up at me as if over the top of her nonexistent glasses in that classic Parker way and said, “I need a baby!”  Words don’t do justice to how funny Gwen and Parker’s mannerisms are.  Nor can I adequately describe how matter of factly she said she needed a baby.  It was too funny. 

Hoochie Mama in training . . . I’m sorry but with her nightgown hiked up into her skirt she looked, well beyond words!  Anyway, she left for a minute and came back pushing Baby Tink in her stroller.  Too funny!  I had to capture the memory because not 20 minutes later Gwen and I were at odds with each other.  We do the terrible 3’s in our house but I don’t remember the boys being filled with such venom and spite with their snotty actions.  I’m biding my time until that girl turns 4 and hopefully goes back to being as sweet as she was at 2 just like her brothers did. 

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