Saturday, April 16, 2011

A pointless post with no moral to the story

If I’m going to blog about the bad days I should acknowledge the good days too.  Yesterday was a good day.  There were two weeks in a row I canceled Park Day because I had some sort of appointment in the afternoon.  It made me feel like a horrible friend but the anxiety was so intense that anything I could get out of I had to get out of in order to get through each day.  So I bailed on my friend.  The first proof of yesterday being a good day was I went to Park Day!  I even worked out later than I should have which cut my morning way short.  I was only 15 minutes late to Park Day because I only dried my hair and didn’t straighten it.  This is only a noteworthy thing because it means I’m becoming less vain and on a day when I had an appointment!  Not doing my hair is unheard of on a day like that.  I find confidence in looking put together and usually the more nervous I am the more makeup I wear and the more time I spend on my hair.  Small achievements. 

After Park Day I rushed to get Parker fed before school and get Gwen ready for her babysitting play date.  I started getting  a little nervous about the dentist appointment Heath and I had.  I think I would have been ok except my blood sugar was dropping low when I was counting on it being a little high so we could have a late lunch.  Our appointment was at noon.  We had a “small” snack to tide us over.  Being a little nervous I overate.  My blood sugar was high the rest of the day.  Oops.  Then I had to look up the address of the dentist office since we were going to a new one.  We thought we knew where the office was but at the last minute realized we better figure out which building in the parking lot it was.  That changed our plans a little since we left late.  I don’t like to change plans at the last minute.  It makes me nervous.  Yeah, what doesn’t nowadays! 

The good news is I was fine.  We took Parker to school, dropping off in the drop off zone.  Sorry kid!  Then we took Gwen to our friend’s house, where I practically dropped her off at the doorstep.  My friend opened the door and I said, “We’re taking off now!  I’ll talk to you later.”  She was fine with it.  We managed to get to the dentist’s office 15 minutes early even after we drove around the building trying to find the suite.  All good.  I was feeling fabulous.  The dentist was so nice.  I am so grateful we finally found a dentist we’ll be happy with.  I have a cavity.  Blah.  My appointment to have it fixed is a couple hours after the kids have their appointment next week.  All good.  Yesterday was busy but I felt great all day.  That is worth celebrating. 

Today . . . ahh today.  It started out good.  First of all, I told Gavin he had permission to turn on the TV in the morning because I wanted to sleep!  I was up at 5:30 with low blood sugar and went back to sleep.  At 7:30 I woke up momentarily as I heard Heath shutting the bedroom door after he left.  Nice.  I slept for another hour.  It’s the most sleep I have had in one night in I don’t know how long.  Blissful.  Steven and I rocked it in another work out session.  Soon we were off for our weekend errands. 

Heath and I had this crazy idea that we should mix it up a bit.  He said we should go to a Dairy Queen he found when he had to return the Comcast equipment when we switched to AT&T.  DQ is usually a road trip kind of place to eat since it’s never close to where we live.  After lunch we would go further north to a Costco.  Sounds fun. 

Costco is pretty much a weekly occurrence.  The milk and gas is cheaper there than anywhere else.  I hate Costco.  It’s crowded with obnoxious people and it’s a huge warehouse with so many choices I get overwhelmed.  Gavin feels the same way I do about Costco.  Only he’s 7 so he has a hard time hiding his discomfort so he and I end up growling at each other bickering the whole trip.  Poor Heath!  I wonder if every Saturday he wishes he had a wife who would try to do that type of shopping during the week.  Sometimes he’ll go alone but he hates Costco too so he says it’s only fair we all suffer together.  He’s probably right. 

Lately I have been having a hard time on the drive to Costco, crying on the most difficult trip there.  I knew if we went to a different Costco we would be on the freeway in a different direction.  Actually it’s the same direction I go to see my endocrinologist and we would be getting off the freeway sooner than that short trip.  I felt confident I could do this.  Heath wisely distracted me by having me make a list on my phone of the things we wanted to do this summer on our trip to see family.  It wasn’t until we got on the freeway that I started getting slightly uncomfortable with the other cars.  My peripheral vision is too good I guess!  But all in all I was doing really well.  We made it to the shopping center where Dairy Queen was and I was feeling pretty good about everything.  Success! 

The unraveling began when DQ had only a few tiny tables.  So we walked to Taco Bell thinking maybe we could go back later to just get ice cream.  After lunch we went on to our favorite place on earth.  Costco.  The drive there was difficult since we seemed to be cloaked in invisibility or in some sort of driver’s ed virtual driving course where we were being tested on our reflexes of other idiotic drivers.  We managed to make it into the parking lot.  I hate Costco parking lots but this one was poorly set up and the idiots seemed to be multiplying. 

Inside was like being in a video game of happy hour for selfish morons.  Extra points for wandering slowly down the middle of the aisle blocking everyone.  Bonus points for stopping abruptly in the middle of high traffic aisles to shoot the breeze with family.  The easiest points to earn were from parking one’s cart haphazardly wherever and walking several feet away on the opposite side of the aisle to browse slowly.  Meanwhile Gavin kept saying, “I need to go to the bathroom but it’s not an emergency.  I can wait.”  Then, “If you don’t take me to the bathroom now I will pee my pants!  Oh fine.  I don’t have to go.  I’ll wait.”  Maddening.  That’s the only way to describe his wishy washiness.  I couldn’t tell if he really had to go or if he just wanted to get out of the heart of the store.  It’s hard to tell with that kid. 

I ended up taking him and Gwen while Heath stood in the long line to check out.  We finished about the same time and left the insanity of the store to be annoyed and befuddled by people doing the incomprehensible in the parking lot.  Somehow we managed to get out of there.  Heath was even feeling a little crazy and he laughed that if he was feeling that way I must really be at my wit’s end with the experience.  We both swore the whole way home that we would never go to that Costco ever again.  So not worth it! 

We washed our cars which was really fun.  The kids loved helping us.  Heath and I remembered washing our cars together on July 4, 2000.  That was such a great day.  That was the beginning of us falling in love.  Memories!  I’ve decided that I love driving a minivan but when it comes to washing, I feel like my van is this big old dork mobile.  It makes me miss Yazzle.  That little Chevy Cavalier was such a cute car that served me well.  I hope he’s found a happy home.  However, Velma is clean as a whistle.  I had an OCD moment with the vacuum but it looks awesome! 

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Dawn said...

I really don’t mind going to Costco EXCEPT on Saturday. Consequently I never go on Saturday except in an emergency. However the best samples ARE given out on Saturday. I also refuse to go between the second week in November and the second week in January.
I think they should teach shopping cart etiquette before anyone is allowed into a store. Things like:
• You and your cart must remain on the same side of the aisle.
• You may not stop to talk unless the aisle is otherwise empty.
• Your husband may not wonder off so you find yourself talking to thin air.
I think Gavin has the right idea. Just spend the whole time in the bathroom then buy an chocolate dipped ice cream bar with almonds on the way out.

Ray Colon said...

Hi Tristan,

You and I are pretty much on the opposite ends of the spectrum in our reaction to the so-annoying-that-a-slap-across-the-back-of-the-head-is-not-punishment-enough people that we encounter at shopping centers. Folks do all of the things that you wrote they do, but I can't think of a time where I got angry about it. It's expected.

It may have something to do with when I shop and who I shop with. My youngest is 10, so she's pretty cool with the crowds, although she does like to use the bathrooms everywhere that we go for some reason. I shop on the weekends. It's more crowded, but I'm not on a schedule where I have to make a school pick-up or something like that, so I can chill.

I do make faces though, which makes my daughters laugh, so sometimes annoying people can be funny.


The Piquant Storyteller said...


Sometimes we go to Costco on a weeknight. Monday night right before closing tends to be the best time to shop at Costco. Even though we know that we still end up going on Saturday.

You and I will have to agree to disagree about the samples. My parents had a Sam's Club membership when I was a kid and even then I could not figure out the need to eat the samples while shopping. I know people who use the samples as a way to feed their kids lunch. I have a different opinion! But I don't shop for pleasure. I say get what you need and get out. But that's me.

I do understand the reward part of your comment though. That's why we usually go out to eat before we shop at Costco. The Diet Coke puts me in a better mood. And the kids get some stupid toy they can play with on the drive home.

The Piquant Storyteller said...


I try to expect that kind of behavior from other shoppers but I still get annoyed by it. Saturday's trip was particularly irritating for all of us because it was a different Costco than we normally go to and it was much smaller than we expected. It felt like the same amount of people in our regular Costco jammed into a space about a quarter the size.

Annoying people can be funny and we try to enjoy that part of the experience. I think it's great that you and your daughters can have so much fun when you're out.

I agree that who you shop with makes a huge difference. I look forward to the day we can leave Gavin home during Saturday errands. Gwen is a joy to shop with because she loves it so much. She actually inspires me to take care of a lot of errands during the week while the boys are at school. Unfortunately for Heath, I don't think I will ever be able to do Costco on my own.