Monday, April 25, 2011

Scrambled Eggs Part 1

This is not a cooking post. This was our crazy weekend where we scrambled every day to get a million things done all for Easter. Now that I’m on the other side of all the scrambling, this weekend was really great with a lot of fun stories I don’t want to forget. Enjoy.

Last week felt long. Every day we counted down until the weekend. Every day Gavin would say something about wanting to get to “the double weekend.” This from the kid who claims he hates weekends. Good Friday could not come soon enough! Finally it was here but there was no heavy sigh of relief in sight.

We woke up as if it was a regular school day. Ok, the kids woke up as if it was a regular school day. Heath had to alter his morning routine to allow me to get up earlier than usual to shower and begin the looooooong process of beautifying myself in time to make the kids look halfway decent too. We can be ready by 8:00 am to drive to school but hair is optional when I can go home and finish later. It’s different when there’s a dentist appointment at 8:15 on a school holiday.

The kids did great, including Gwen who was going for the first time. No cavities so Heath told them they could have dessert at lunch! Since I had to get my cavity filled he joked that I wouldn’t get dessert at lunch. Ha ha. Heath took the mugwumps home to play with their new toys provided by the dentist. Can I just say I have never seen cool dentist toys like that before! Normally they’re stupid little trinkets that break before you get home or get lost within the week. These were probably dollar store items but they were cool. Gwen chose a little finger bowling set, Parker chose a finger football game, and Gavin chose the coolest toy in my opinion – a rocket launcher. The kids played for 30 minutes while the dentist filled my cavity.

I have decided that it’s cool that anesthesia allows people to be numb while being conscious for procedures but I really hate it. Fillings aren’t too bad. It’s a little strange to hear everything they’re doing to your teeth while not being able to feel it so I feel like it should hurt when it doesn’t. Very strange. But c-sections are the strangest. I’m not sure anyone should be awake while their abdomen is split open and doctors are digging around in there to yank out a slimy baby, then hold it up over the curtain as if it’s the most normal thing in the world! At least I was in a sterile operating room where doctors were seeing my blood and guts and not in a replica of a bedroom with a room full of people staring at my unmentionable lady parts waiting for another person to emerge.

The dentist said that the numbness should wear off in about two hours. Nice wish. I was numbed at 10:00, finished by 10:20-ish and the numbness finally wore off suddenly around 1:00 pm. We had planned on eating at a Mexican restaurant for lunch but I didn’t think I would ever want to eat again for the rest of my life so we went to Costco, then shoe shopping for the boys who are so hard on shoes, then to lunch. Heath and the kids had Carl’s Jr. while I walked a couple doors down to Jamba Juice and sipped it while eating Gavin’s fries on the left side of my mouth.

Heath had a Young Men’s barbecue that night and made scrambled eggs for us before he left. I was planning on making them but he just started them as I pulled out ingredients. What a guy. The boys asked why he was making breakfast for dinner when he hates it! They forgot he wasn’t eating with us. The kids and I watched a movie.  We looked forward to Saturday when we could enjoy a day. 

Saturday was the scrambliest day of them all.  Heath was preparing his talk for Sacrament Meeting the next day.  I was preparing my lesson for the Primary class I was substituting.  The teacher told me to teach the Easter lesson.  By the time I got around to looking at it online I realized there is no Easter lesson for that manual since all the lessons are about the Savior from the New Testament.  The teacher was already gone so I couldn’t ask her what lesson she left off on and I would teach the next one.  At one point I thought of teaching the Easter lesson from the Book of Mormon perspective but ended up just going  online and made the rest up.

For the second day in a row I skipped my workout with Steven.  I also skipped Wednesday’s workout so it came as no surprise that today I was up three or four pounds.  There was just no time to workout with Steven this weekend. 


I was busy putting this stuff together for my object lesson on the Atonement and Resurrection of the Savior.  How cute did my egg carton turn out!  I gathered as many objects as I could find that went with the scripture references.  The kids in the class thought it was weird that I had a Christmas card with everything else.  When we got to that part they understood.  It has a nail on it.  Only it’s unlike any other nail I have ever seen.  I told the kids that I don’t know if that’s what the nails looked like that nailed Christ to the cross but I thought it looked dull and nasty.  They all touched it exclaiming “ow!” as soon as they touched it.  I think they realized that being nailed to a cross was painful. 

Heath and I were in a really big hurry with our preparations because we had a babysitter coming over that evening.  Before she came we celebrated with the kids. 


The kids love dying Easter eggs.  Gavin asked if the eggs would be resurrected since we were dying them!  That is my favorite Say What quote! 


I don’t know why the kids think dying eggs is so fun.  Heath does all the work while they watch.  I have a picture of my niece, not quite 2 years old yet, dying her own Easter eggs on Saturday.  You would think we could just phase out this tradition since neither Heath nor I care about it.  I like how Heath signed the paper towel though!  The colored smudges on the paper towel are my favorite part of the process. 


The Easter Bunny doesn’t even hide our boiled eggs.  He hides plastic eggs filled with candy.  The Pagan traditions of Easter are so dumb and have nothing to do with why we celebrate Easter! 

While Heath and I were out I read the rough draft of his talk while we waited for our order and we discussed how to improve it. That was cool to sit in a crowded restaurant discussing the Atonement and Resurrection and how it applies to our lives today.  

One thing we wanted to get done on our little date was to go clothes shopping without the distraction of our bored children. I found two brightly colored shirts that I hoped would go with a skirt I bought earlier. One shirt goes well while the other is too long. I wanted to wear the skirt to the playground with the kids and whatnot but the shirts are button down and look too formal with it. I’m going to have to do more t-shirt shopping I guess. We tried Landsend since they advertised the greatest t-shirt in the world or some such hyperbole. The problem was that the colors that were left were ugly. What is up with that?

I imagined the clothes in my closet and saw how dark the colors are.  I wear a lot of navy blue and olive green.  Blue and green are the family colors according to my mom.  Although she and my sister have branched out a lot in their color choices since that comment was made years ago.  The sales girl suggested I buy the royal blue shirt over the shocking hot pink one in the same style.  I felt bad but I had to go with the pink one.  It looked so awesome with my dark jeans that are the same color as my denim bermuda shorts.  Plus, it wasn’t blue or green!  I ended up wearing the pink shirt yesterday to church.  Normally I don’t mind that my clothes are really dark saturated jewel tones.  Those are my colors but it was Easter.  I figured enough people would be wearing yellow flowers and wicker hats so I had to look springy myself.  Wicker hats!  Heath and I had a good laugh over that intentional description.  It’s not like white straw hats are any more comfortable.  Believe me.  I’ve tried it. 

The last store we ended up at was Wal-Wart. It was an act of desperation to even shop there because the store we wanted to go to was closed. I hate Wally World. I hate it. I am not frugal and I couldn’t be prouder of that because Wal-Mart is so not worth the hassle for the “bargain.” We stood third in line for 10 full minutes. Nobody had that much stuff either. Given the fact that it was Wal-Wart it made the wait in line nearly unbearable. I apologized profusely to the babysitter when we got home later than expected. Stupid Wal-Wart.

Have you ever thought that Wal-Mart is a little misleading when they say they’re always rolling back prices? It’s kind of like Macy’s who advertises daily about their “1 day sale.” Am I right? Why can’t they just say that the prices you see are the prices you get instead of enticing people there with the illusion of a constant sale? I like Macy’s as far as high end overpriced mall department stores are concerned but Wal-Mart can die an agonizing death.

Stay tuned for Scrambled Eggs Part 2 . . .

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