Monday, April 25, 2011

Scrambled Eggs Part 2


The purpose of Easter is not candy and eggs and bunnies.  The purpose is a remembrance of the miraculous Atonement and Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. 


One of our Easter traditions is that the Easter Bunny brings the kids new church books.  This is something our kids love to do during Sacrament Meeting.  There are so many cute picture books with a gospel theme.  Gavin has read them all.  He rereads them and I think he learns something new from the longer books the more he is able to read and comprehend.  This year Gavin got a book called Seven Years Old and Preparing for Baptism.  He read the whole thing yesterday.  I want to read with him at least once so we can discuss it. 

I asked him once what it meant to be baptized.  Every once in a while I worry that he’s doing it because our church believes that children reach the age of accountability at the age of 8.  Children who are 8 years old can be baptized.  I want him to understand the choice he is making.  He responded that when he’s baptized he can have the gift of the Holy Ghost.  That impressed me.  He wants to be baptized to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost to help guide him through life and comfort him in times of need. 


The Easter Bunny usually brings other gifts too.  He brought sunglasses for the kids since they lost theirs in the car accident.  Unfortunately Gavin has regular glasses now!  I love that he put the sunglasses on over the top.  Too cute.  We told him that maybe he can take off his regular glasses and wear the sunglasses on a road trip or something when he doesn’t really need to see that much.  We also got the movie Inkheart and the kids got a soccer ball and a rubber playground ball.  Since the playground ball is pink Gwen thinks it’s only for her.  She’ll learn, I hope. 

Sacrament Meeting was really neat yesterday.  Heath’s talk was fabulous.  I love how he stood up and immediately testified of Jesus Christ and testified that He lives.  His talk focused on what the Atonement and Resurrection mean to us today. 

The kids were really good for me considering Heath was on the stand.  Parker fell asleep in my lap amidst the chaos of Gwen and her friend stacking books over and over.  My favorite part was when Rachel was climbing over the pew and my friend who was sitting behind me had to reach across my pew to help her over.  She also climbed under the benches.  The girls were fairly quiet about it! 

I was nervous to substitute the Primary class because the kids are 10 and 11 years old.  Usually I sub in Junior Primary and not Senior Primary.  My only experience with these kids was the few short months I was in the Primary Presidency.  They are such good kids.  We had a lot of fun together.  My favorite consequence of service is the love that is developed for those that are served.  I love our Primary kids!  They are good kids. 

I don’t know if the Primary kids felt oversaturated with the Easter story.  Sacrament Meeting focused on Easter and the Savior obviously.  Then the Primary class lessons were all on the Easter story.  Sharing Time in Primary was very similar to my object lesson.  It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in some of the other homes.  My kids were excited to hear the story again.  Gwen learned it in Nursery too.  She had a cave cutout with a cutout of Jesus and a cutout of a large rock.  She was so cute as she told the story.  She put the rock in front of the hole in the cave and said over and over that Jesus couldn’t get through but then he did!  She moved the rock and pulled him through.  We asked her how he got through and she said he was resurrected.  Of course when I tried to get video of her the moment had passed. 

There are a couple of hymns I would love to quote here.  Instead I will link to them.  It was a wonderful Easter weekend. I am so grateful that my Savior lives. He loved me enough to suffer, bleed, and die for me but He lives for me today. That is worth everything to me.

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