Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break

A long anticipated week in the year.  A week where the sun is shining and the girls are in their bikinis. 


Ok, so it’s a tankini but who’s counting.  She calls it her Minnie Mouse swimming suit.  Too cute. 

Spring Break is an entire week where the daily goal is to do as much nothing as humanly possible. 

To sleep all day . . . oh if only this still happened every afternoon!  Alas, she has given up her naps but she will stay in her room for “quiet time” which is good or I would lose my mind. 

To build, create, and just be. 

A week to call friends.  Forget technology, yelling across the fence works too! 
“MADDIE!  ELENA!  ARE YOU HOME?”  Heaven forbid the kids actually walk next door to talk to their friends. 

A week to dress up or not, depending on your mood.  Go out, stay in, wear a bra or not.  In my defense, the only day I skipped the bra was on Sunday when I also skipped the shower.  It’s a General Conference tradition am I right!  I think skipping a shower and bra is the female equivalent of men not shaving over the weekend. 

The anticipation of Spring Break was only heightened by a weekend of General Conference to kick it all off.  It was a great Conference too!  I don’t think I have enjoyed Conference that much with my kids since they were little enough to nap through the second session. 


Spring Break is the best time to run.  You can run a marathon or do what I do.  Run in place. 

This is the best week of the year.  I can’t believe it’s halfway over already.  Where did the time go?  Heath took Monday and Tuesday off and we played hard enough the days zoomed by.  Now it’s Wednesday and the last day of nice weather for the rest of the week.  That’s typical Spring Break!  Bipolar weather.  If you’re on Spring Break, enjoy every second of it.  It goes by quickly.  I better go now.  I feel another play date coming on. 

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