Thursday, April 28, 2011


There is something about seeing the world through the eyes of a child.  The child is seeing things for the very first time and we want them to believe the world is a beautiful place.  So we explain things with positive words and comforting feelings.  I don’t know where along the lines that positive attitude falters and we struggle against cynicism and negativity.  When a child comes into our lives we remember our happy and carefree childhood and the cycle starts again. 

I was well into my teenage and possibly adult years before I realized the spots on my body were actually called moles and not “beauty marks.”  Moles are for ugly, skinny, spinster cat ladies.  Bless my mother for instilling the confident notion of beauty marks in my mind!  Looking back I wonder if my siblings had anything to do with her description.  My brother and sister both had freckles sprinkled across their noses, which my mom explained were kisses from the sun.  They liked to tease me and say the sun must not love me as much because I didn’t have freckles.  But my mom pointed out all the beauty marks I had sprinkled across my body.  I felt beautiful because I had more beauty marks than my siblings, that and I always tanned better than them! 

Heath has a fair complexion with freckles sprinkled across his nose and beauty marks scattered all over his arms and legs.  His beauty marks are the color of caramel while mine look like Hershey’s special dark chocolate.  Our kids have no choice but to be spotted like us, their parents.  I found it interesting that the kids were all born with creamy flawless skin.  Over time the spots developed.  It makes me think of the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians where Cruella was all upset the puppies didn’t have any spots yet.  I don’t remember ever not having spots but then again I don’t remember much before the age of 3. 

When my kids play connect the dots on my arms I point out their beauty marks too.  They love it.  I think the reason why sun kisses is the description that has stuck instead of beauty marks is because I didn’t think little boys wanted beauty marks.  So I told them the sun kissed them.  They love to point out all the spots on me where the sun kissed me.  They think the sun really loves me!  I love that they have their daddy’s freckles lightly dusted across their noses and my dark chocolate “beauty marks” sprinkled across their bodies. 

I don’t know what my kids are ultimately going to think of the unique spots in their skin.  I hope they always hold on to the lovely idea of sun kisses and beauty marks like I did.  For now there is nothing that warms my heart more than hearing Gwen gasp and say, “Freckle!  You have a freckle!  The sun kissed you!” 

I love the beauty marks on Parker’s neck and the beauty marks on Gavin’s tan back as if he’s a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie.  I love the tiny little beauty mark inside Gwen’s ear.  I love the perfectly placed beauty marks on my toe and the caramel colored “h” birthmark on my hand.  The story I like to believe with that is that Heath and I were meant for each other.  God placed the “h” on my right hand as a reminder. 

These identifying marks on all of us are unique and pretty cool.  I love that I grew up believing it was a sign of beauty and that I can pass that sentiment on to my kids.  Because who wouldn’t want to believe they were kissed by the sun?  The very idea feels like I’m wrapped in a bright, warm hug.  Kind of like the beginning of an orange and red sunset where the sun is still peeking over the tops of the mountains at the end of the best day ever. 

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