Friday, April 29, 2011

What Else?

If I wasn’t doing this what else would I be doing?  Sometimes there is no answer to that question because what one is currently doing has become such a part of them that they can’t imagine what else they would be doing, where they would be doing it, or who they would be doing it with.  Sometimes the answer is clear and more often than not one is happy with what they are currently doing, where they are doing it, and who they are doing it with. 

A few days ago one of the kids said something funny.  I know I say it a lot but if you haven’t met my kids you really should because they’re hilarious!  And I don’t say that just because I’m biased as their mother.  Anyway, we were laughing at the comedic timing of the moment.  I looked at Heath, sighed, and said, “What did we ever do before we had kids?” 

This is a question we ask a lot.  It’s rhetorical because we know what we did before we had kids.  We longed for kids so much it was almost suffocating.  Heath answered in a different way. 

Heath:  We didn’t go on enough vacations, that’s for sure!
Me:  I know.  We should have.  We didn’t have any money though.
H:  I know. 
M:  So what did we do?  We decided to stretch our money even thinner by having babies. 
H:  Yeah, kids are expensive.  What were we thinking?  (The sarcasm font has not been invented yet)
M:  Most poor couples went to car dealerships to test drive sports cars for a cheap date.  We toured model homes. 
H:  It was good though.  We knew exactly what we wanted and we loved that house.  It was fun making it ours. 

The conversation continued along those lines.  We know what we did before kids.  We know what we would be doing if we didn’t have them.  We love that this is what we’re doing now.  So my house is a mess and Gwen has half the sandbox in her hair after I washed it last night.  Kids are like dogs that way.  They can’t stand being clean!  At least my kids don’t roll around in their own poo.  So all our extra money goes toward our children and taking them to see family because we don’t live by anyone and we can’t afford any other trips.  So what?  We love what we’re doing. 

If you weren’t doing this what else would you be doing?  Are you happy with your life? 

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