Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cloaked in Invisibility


When I close my eyes you can’t see me. 
Don’t watch me!  Look away!
I cleaned up.

Are the above lines lies, rationalizations, or a means to an end?  Have you ever believed something that you know very well isn’t true?  Sometimes the dream is too delicious and reality is bitterness biting back so we believe what we want to believe and see what we want to see. 


This is my office with the invisible walls.  In all its glory.  It’s not messy if I don’t believe it is.  In fact, nobody can see anything in there.  The invisible walls are made of lead so even Superman can’t see in.  This is my retreat, my haven, and all I have to do is shut the door on my projects.  When I am in the office with the invisible walls my ears are impervious to any sound.  My children may be murdering each other with dirty socks and banshee screaming, I wouldn’t know.  The lead invisible walls provide a cloak of invisibility protecting anyone from seeing in and definitely from me being aware of anything outside. 

Do I really believe this?  Well, I did.  Until I had to do a lot creative cropping in Photoshop only to hope that maybe the invisible walls work online too.  I’m guessing no.  I’m also assuming my friends and any visitors were too nice to say anything about the abomination that is the first thing one can see from the front door.  I am like Monica Gellar – a neat freak with a dirty secret.  And please don’t touch it because you might mess it up.  It’s organized chaos alright? 

I don’t remember one specific reality check moment.  It may have been an ongoing realization encouraged by Heath and his breaking point with the obnoxiousness of it all.  Not only did we clear the floor, this usually involves one of us hiding neat piles all over the floor and the other one can’t find anything, we added floor space.  That’s the best part of invisible walls.  They’re flexible.  Then we *gasp* organized the cacophonous deluge! 


This picture serves two purposes.  First, it shows an outlet that was outside the office and is now inside the office.  And second, the pile of little kid delusion is from when we told Parker he could watch a show if he put all the toys away, or at least took them upstairs if they weren’t his.  So he cleared the floor downstairs like we asked and dumped it all behind the rocking chair as if we would never know.  Maybe when you’re 5 that’s a great hiding place.  Of course I shouldn’t judge.  I’m in my 30’s and I thought nobody could see my scrapbooking supplies exploded all over the office because of the magical metal gate surrounding the office!  You know what they say about insanity right?  Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your kids. 

On to the after pictures:


Shabam!  I know, right?  So awesome. 


The best part of all the organization is the homework center.  We didn’t even plan for this.  It was one of those serendipitous moments.  We bought a box with 8 shelves for the boys homework and important notes from school etc.  It sits on top of the plastic crate that their homework used to live in.  That system was not working anymore.  I put a bunch of books that are on their reading level in the crate.  I think this system is much better because Heath is a genius!  Let’s hope it stays this pretty and organized. 

The second picture shows a lot of stuff.  We have a lot of office stuff.  Really we have two rooms worth of stuff.  A craft room for me and a regular office for Heath and I guess I would have to embrace my laptop more than I do now.  Maybe type off the letters on that keyboard.  Heath is such a brat though!  He pointed out a keyboard at the store and said, “That’s what all those letters are!”  Thanks.  There’s Cricut stuff in one place, and more scrapbooking stuff and lots of books.  Another serendipitous moment was when I put the boys pencil boxes on a shelf along with a tin of crayons and another tin of colored pencils.  I told them they could get that stuff whenever they were doing homework as long as they put it away when they were done. 

Because the last picture shows where they will be doing their homework as long as they are good office citizens.  I love Abigail and her parents for giving me this dining room table.  It is huge.  I turned it sideways so I could open both leaves.  I was only using part of the table before.  My scrapbook paper sits on the table along with cutting mats and cutting boards.  The boys can sit at the table and do homework and have instant access to any of their school supplies we store in the office.  Gwen can’t touch any of it.  She could before and it was a problem.  Under the table is my Next Steps reading program supplies and the boys art box and scrapbooks they’re making.  Beautiful. 

So there’s still a lot of stacks on the floor.  You didn’t notice right?  I try not to so that means it’s not really there.  This is the best we can do with what we have.  I think it’s spectacular!  I wonder how long it will take until I get another wave of scrapbook creativity that bursts all over the room. 


Or until this fills up with whatever.  We have surface issues.  Any surface is perfect for storage.  At least we admit it.  That’s the first step.  Heath wanted the computer to be on this part of the desk but I didn’t like it.  It wasn’t aesthetically pleasing to me.  Being the patient man that he is he unscrewed the desk tops and we tried to swap them to keep the cord hole with the computer.  It didn’t work.  And he didn’t hate me forever!  We moved the desk tops back and rescrewed them in place.  I cut my finger when it got in the way of the heavy desk settling into place.  I think that soothed Heath’s annoyance with me and my so called aesthetics! 

At any rate we have much more square footage to work in and it looks good now.  If the invisible walls are compromised again by . . . regular eyes then at least I’m no longer embarrassed about my exposed dirty secret not cloaked in invisibility like I hoped. 

2 thoughts:

Grandma W said...

So you blocked off the door to the kitchen to add more room? Looks great. When are you coming up to work on my house?

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Maybe I can take some Vallium and hitch a ride with Gwen in the cardboard box we're sending her in.