Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doomed for 63!

The older a person gets the less excited they are about birthdays.  Since Heath is on his way to the top of the hill he was really looking forward to 6:00 pm yesterday.  Unfortunately the rapture never happened.  Honestly, did anyone really think it would?  Why would anyone believe some crazy preacher from Oakland who has predicted the end of the world several times before and is wrong every time!  And what was with 6:00 pm?  It just seems that if Christ would come again he would send natural disasters to simultaneously destroy the wicked across the world.  The special treatment of 6:00 pm for every time zone seems too complex and a little hokey.  But that’s just me. 

Anyway, I don’t want to talk about people who misunderstand the scriptures, ignoring one part of the Bible to prove another part true after it’s taken out of context, for their own gain.  I want to talk about Heath’s happy birthday!  He is one lucky guy.  Or we’re lucky to have him.  It’s actually a combination of both.  He means a lot to all of us so we have done nothing but shower him with love on his happy birthday. 

Yesterday the boys went crazy making cards and books for their dad.  They almost couldn’t wait to give him their homemade treasures.  This morning we woke up to the loud sounds of children, as usual.  Only the sounds were happy and not angry.  That was a big plus.  Since I was low. again. I went downstairs to consume more carbs and calories.  Little sidenote:  my highest reading today is 130, my lowest is 40 and after 7 tests so far today my average blood sugar is 68.  I am crossing everything I can on myself hoping that I won’t see 300 later today.  Even Steven is the goal of the day.  That would make for a very happy birthday present for Heath who hates to see me discouraged with unpredictable blood sugar readings. 

So I had a point with all of this . . . I went downstairs to get my third breakfast since midnight and Parker excitedly gestured at the paper on the living room table.  “Look Mom!  These are Dad’s birthday presents!”  Gwen jumped up from the couch and continued to bounce like a springy jack in the box.  Her eyes were wide with enthusiasm.  “We have to jump out and yell ‘Surprise!’”  The three of them could not wait for their dad to get up and it was melting my heart.  So I poured their cereal and whispered for them to hide behind the couch.  They giggled and unsuccessfully smothered more giggles and squeals.  I ran upstairs thankful Heath was dressed and told him to go downstairs. 

He was not surprised but his heart was just as puddly melty as mine was.  Those kids are so sweet.  He told me that Parker gave him several sheets of paper with Cars stickers all over them.  I love kids.  They give so freely of themselves to make someone else’s day.  He loves stickers, especially the Cars stickers he found when we reorganized the office.  How sweet that he would give his dad something he (Parker) loves so much!  Gavin wanted me to take him to the dollar store so he could buy something for his dad.  Heath told him he didn’t need anything. 

We had a 90 minute Stake meeting for church today instead of the regular 3 hour block.  It wasn’t Stake Conference.  It was a special meeting for the Stake with a member from the Quorum of the Seventy.  These meetings will happen more frequently across the world.  It was a very uplifting meeting.  I just wish we could have internalized more of it but being in the “kid room” with families that don’t see the need to quiet their children because they’re in the “kid room” makes it difficult sometimes.  That was a mean statement but it’s so true. 

Gwen snuggled on her dad’s lap through most of the meeting.  She has that man wrapped around her little finger!  Happy birthday indeed.  Now we have the whole rest of the afternoon and evening to spend together as a family.  For the unfortunateness of having a Sunday birthday I think it’s going pretty well for him.  At least he’s not turning 63 like Parker thought!  Little bit of a math misunderstanding with the 3 and the 6 candle for the cake!  Gavin said, “No, he’s not 63!  That would mean he would be almost Grandpa’s age!  He’s turning 36!”  And now you know how old my man is.  How I love him and the family we have created together. 

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