Sunday, May 1, 2011

Double Stuffed

Heath’s lesson today for the deacon’s quorum was on the Sacrament.  The Sacrament is symbolic of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  To help teach symbolism, Heath brought double stuffed Oreos as a symbol of the scriptures.  Quick!  Can you guess what Oreos have to do with the scriptures?  If you guessed that you have to open the scriptures to get to the good part then you are correct!  You win . . . my respect.  Yay you!

I know that today is Fast Sunday, which means the members fast or go without food or drink for two consecutive meals.  Normally treats aren’t brought on Fast Sunday but Heath gave the boys baggies to take the cookies home in.  He told the boys he didn’t care if they weren’t fasting, he was!  I fasted too.  It felt appropriate to do so today but I only skipped breakfast.  It’s hard to fast as a diabetic.  I know the Lord understands my physical limitations but I really wanted to show my faith through this sacrifice.  The last time I remember fasting was for a special family fast when my grandpa was diagnosed with advanced stages of prostate cancer.  Grandpa is still alive a decade and a half later so I put my faith into another fast today.

Anyway, I had a whole other point in mind with this post today.  The Oreos do fit in.  Trust me. 

We pulled out the good old barbecue to have our first awesome barbecue of the season.  Technically we could use it year round here in mild California but we put it away every winter.  Heath doesn’t like to grill in the pouring rain.  We imagined it would be an epic dinner and epic it was!  It was amazing.  Sorry you couldn’t join us. 

We had tri tip marinated by Guy Fieri.  So good!  There was the tiniest bit of heat to the awesome flavor.  Then we had grilled zucchini and that was freaking fabulous too.  We also had spinach salad tossed with a honey mustard dressing.  Holy yum!  The piece de resistance was deviled eggs.  Circumstances being as they were we decided to call them hellishly deviled eggs.  A slow burn to the heat that bites back after a few seconds.  Gavin cried out, “Heat approaching!  I’m going to explode!” 

The eggs were a happy accident.  Heath had gathered his spices and worked his magic while I was telling a story.  He put his finger in to taste and got a strange look on his face.  The flavor wasn’t wrong but it wasn’t right. He added more paprika.  Another taste proved the flavor was much more intense.  What is going on?  He looked at what he thought was paprika and realized he was sprinkling cayenne pepper in.  We had a good laugh over that.  He got the flavor to taste like regular deviled eggs but there was that subtle hint of heat that was intensified in the kids young mouths.  They didn’t like the eggs so much.  In fact they hated all the subtle spicy heat in every dish except the zucchini but then they hated that because it’s green vegetables for one thing, and the grill marks really bothered them for some reason.  

Lesson learned: label the tops of your spices!  Other lesson learned:  kids hate spicy food so more coveted deviled eggs for Mom and Dad. 

Dinner seemed to be stuffed with spiciness.  Heath and I loved it but the kids not so much.  Gavin is a trooper and ate it all.  He complained a lot but he ate it.  At one point he said, “I hope Dad doesn’t put so much spicy stuff in it next time!”  Dinner was so good though that we’re all stuffed within an inch of our lives.  I wanted to eat an Oreo as an after dinner mint but as soon as my eyes landed on the package I kind of wanted to puke I was so stuffed.  Interesting that the symbolic Oreos came full circle as a symbol of our ultimate double stuffed happiness. 

The end.

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