Friday, May 6, 2011

The Effects of Sunshine on Diabetes and Leather

Sunshine is good.  It boosts one’s mood and provides Vitamin D.  It makes the melanin in skin go crazy and change color.  I admit I love that!  In my defense, I have been using sunscreen for the last several years.  It was to get my aunt’s voice out of my head if nothing else!  She used to say, “You know you can get the same effects from a bottle.”  Maybe she had a point.  Spending every waking moment at Lake Mead in full sun may not have been the smartest choice.  At least I never sprayed cooking oil on my body then lay out in my backyard.  I had a friend do that once.  She was pleased with the results but realized that was a once in a lifetime stupid thing to do.  Too much sunshine is bad.  Too much of anything is bad.  Let’s be honest. 

Sunshine lowers my blood sugar.  I don’t even have to do anything besides stand outside and zap, blood sugar goes down.  Skin color deepens while blood sugar drops which boosts my overall mood significantly.  Diet Coke has nothing on what sunshine can do.  Sunshine reduces my need for insulin.  It’s one of those little things that makes my day! 

One of my favorite things about sunshine is what it does to the inside of a car.  That may sound weird but it’s true.  I am warm blooded and have felt overheated most of my life.  Well, until I was pregnant with Gwen but that’s another story.  I have been known to run the air conditioner in the car in the winter.  But when it comes to the stifling heat of the sun inside a parked car, I love it.  I love to step into a car that has been sitting outside and feel that blast of oven like heat.  Then I love to turn the car on and feel the blast of air come out of the vents that quickly cools to iciness on my arms as I drive.  That is my favorite.  One problem with sharing driving responsibilities is that I have to readjust the vents when I’m in the passenger seat after driving someone else around and again in the driver’s seat after Heath drives.  The vents are pointed directly at my arms for a reason!  I love sunshine and the weird things it makes me do. 

Speaking of cars . . . what does sunshine do to the leather interior of a car?  Bakes it piping hot.  Let me preface this by saying that I am the Piquant Storyteller, you don’t have to agree with me!  I don’t like leather interior nor do I like leather couches.  I know.  Audible gasps all around.  I don’t like leather.  I don’t think it looks posh or expensive and I certainly don’t think it’s comfortable.  I think leather screams I have little kids and want easy clean up.  I think leather seats say I have gas and don’t want anyone to know it so if they squeak while sitting down maybe they won’t think twice about my squeaks.  I think leather says I am into temperature extremes.  Icy cold in the winter and third degree burn on your legs in the summer.  Even leather couches are subject to temperature extremes.  Ever sit on a leather couch in the summer and have your sweat glue you to the spot?  I think cracked leather says I used to think I was trendy but now my seats will bite your flesh.  Yeah, I don’t like leather. 

My van has leather seats.  They squeak when I sit down.  I can feel my behind turning blue in the winter and I’m grateful for the seat heating feature.  The sun can be shining in the winter making the van pleasantly warm inside but the seats are freezing, hypothermia slowly overtaking my body, so I have to push the seat warmer button like I’m some old lady or something.  What can I do in the summer?  Nothing.  Why hasn’t anyone invented a seat cooling feature yet?  The best I can do is remote start Velma and hope for the best.  I’m just thinking if a refrigerator can cool water and make ice on demand from a little hose couldn’t we try the same idea in a vehicle with leather seats?  Just saying. 

Ah but I do love sunshine.  Welcome to spring everyone! 

6 thoughts:

Abigail Delphenich said...

Gmc makes cars with air conditioned seats, cool right!

Chantalle said...

In my house leather couches meant my dad won when they were picking a couch, so to me it is more masculine.

Sherron said...

"It makes the melanin in skin go crazy and change color"

My melanin must be red. Well, red with the amazing ablility to return back to pasty white (I think that Anne Shirley would define it as alabaster- it does sound more romantic!)

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Abigail, I had no idea! I would love to have air conditioned seats. I think if the seats are going to have a heating feature then the air conditioning feature should be automatic.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Chantalle, I think more men do choose leather couches than women do. Maybe it's the easy cleanup that makes it more enticing to men. That and leather usually doesn't come in large floral prints.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Sherron, alabaster does sound much more romantic than pasty white. You should describe your skin tone as alabaster. My husband just tells me he's more celestial than me because his skin is whiter than mine!