Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finger Lickin’ Good

A very merry and happy unbirthday to Parker today.  His teacher had asked me to celebrate his birthday today with the class.  She has at least one child every “normal” day from now until the end of the year scheduled to celebrate their summer birthdays.  I always think it’s sweet when teachers make a big deal out of summer birthdays so those kids don’t feel left out. 

I wanted to do something out of the ordinary for Parker’s birthday.  I scoured this month’s issue of Family Fun Magazine.  There were some cute ideas but they weren’t really practical to produce for 26 kindergarten students and somehow deliver to the school on my own.  I saw a picture of a child holding a pan of rice crispy treats molded into a number, the age he was that year on his birthday.  I thought that was cute but still kind of plain.  I don’t know why I have this desire to make everything bigger and better than people expect but I do.  It’s a sickness I’m sure! 

Heath combined a couple ideas.  He liked the cute campfire made out of food and he liked the rice crispy number.  So he suggested we make rice crispy s’mores.  I wasn’t convinced.  Mainly because I couldn’t figure out how he wanted to do it and I didn’t think anyone would get it.  I thought it would taste fine but look weird.  I just need to learn to trust that man because I have mentioned many times that he’s a genius.  Well, it’s true.  I should write. it. down! 


Last night somewhere after 10:00 pm we created rice crispy s’mores and molded it into a very large 6.  The recipe is really simple if anyone is interested.  We made rice crispy treats as usual with melted marshmallows mixed with cereal.  Then we dumped in a full bag of Teddy Grahams (about 8 servings) for the graham crackers and then dumped in a full bag of chocolate chips (one of the smaller bags like what you use for a full batch of chocolate chip cookies).  We, and when I say we I mean Heath did this while I watched.  I poured too.  See I help!  Anyway, he mixed all that stuff in with his manly arms because he works out.  Then he took handfuls and molded the 6 onto parchment paper where I had drawn a large 6 on the opposite side of the parchment paper.  (That’s critical because you don’t want to eat pencil, or in our case Sharpie.)  The 6 cooled and set up completely overnight.

Meanwhile . . .


Mmmmmmmmm doesn’t that look good?  It’s finger licking good.  I forgot to mention that surgical gloves are a must around the house.  Touching raw meat?  Use a glove.  Cutting up a pepper?  Use a glove so you don’t get any capsaicin on your fingers and later in your eye or up your nose.  Working with sticky desserts?  Gloves.  Child had a messy accident?  Gloves are heaven sent in this situation!  So swipe a box or two when you’re waiting half naked on the crinkly paper at the doctor’s office or staring at the ceiling in the dentist chair.  Wait, don’t steal from the dentist.  My sister would not approve.  Actually you can buy gloves in bulk at Costco.  I’m sure they’re at all the Marts too.  K-Mart, Shop-Ko Mart, Wally World, Target Mart, etc. 

(The Piquant Storyteller is joking.  You should never steal.  It’s one of the 10 commandments, hello!)

Gwen and I braved the off and on rain showers and prayed for clouds spitting on us to get the 6 into Parker’s classroom for recess and snack time.  Our prayers were answered but his teacher’s weren’t.  The kids had indoor recess today because of the rain so they bounced off the walls with all the sugar I fed them while she hid in another teacher’s classroom for a mental break from hyper kindergarteners.  She has Type 2 diabetes and has made it clear that she doesn’t eat treats of any kind so I didn’t even offer.  When I arrived she asked what in the world I had brought.  When I told her what was in it she looked a little sick to her stomach and said, “That’s a lot of sugar!”  I apologized to her for having to deal with the kids for another hour after I left.  She’s a kindergarten teacher so what could she do but say it was ok. 

Once the kids were ready she asked me to tell the class what I brought for Parker’s birthday.  I told the kids that Parker’s birthday is in July and so we wanted to do a camping themed treat.  I asked how many had ever eaten s’mores.  Surprisingly only 5 or 6 hands went up.  I guess they’re still young; they have time to experience the pleasures of ooey gooey marshmallow chocolatey graham cracker sandwiches later.  I explained what s’mores were and how to make them then I told them that all the same ingredients were in the rice crispy treats we made to look like a 6 since Parker will be 6 in July.  Then I cut the 6 up while a parent volunteer passed them out to the kids.  A handful of kids wanted seconds and since I had a little extra I was happy to oblige.  One kid wanted thirds.  He weighs as much as I do and I am not kidding.  I told him he needed to give other kids a chance to have more if they wanted to.  He was fine with that.  At least he didn’t try to steal any like he has in the past with other kids birthday treats! 


Parker ate his treat and took off with his friends for “free choice.”  Gwen finished hers and then wanted to play with the cars. 


Happy unbirthday Tag!  You make a cute almost 6 year old. 


On the other hand, Gavin went on a fun field trip today to Round Table Pizza.  After learning about the business and getting a tour, the students ate personal pizzas around 10:00 this morning.  When my neighbor told me that I felt awful since I didn’t pack Gavin a lunch today.  Or a snack.  He seemed fine when I picked him up though.  Small children can go several hours without eating and not be famished.  Shocking. 


He was very excited to show me his pizza dough.  This is not finger licking good.  I tossed it after I took the picture.  It’s raw dough that has been sitting out since this morning handled by I don’t know how many people.  Yummy.  Go eat something tasty and lick your fingers when you’re done. 

2 thoughts:

Grandma W said...

My dad called them squishy-ishies for a very good reason. I can’t believe so few kids had eaten s’mores. As messy as they are they are a camping must. Happy un-birthday, Parker.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

I like the name squishy-ishies! Since our kids first exposure to this treat was in the winter using the roaring fire in our fireplace I'm not sure Gwen would like s'mores from a campfire. She's kind of funny that way.