Friday, May 20, 2011

Holding On For Dear Life

Memories flit and flash through my mind when I think of this phrase:  hold on for dear life. 

Standing in the pike position over a deep rushing river at Red Cliffs when I missed the turn in the hike.  Holding 4 month old Baby Gavin tightly in my arms at the hospital while he was on breathing treatments for croup.  Squeezing Gwen to my chest while I helplessly watched Heath run before another ocean wave crashed over 3 year old Parker.  The rod I had framed after it was in my arm for 18 months healing the broken bones.  Praying that my sister and her new premature baby would be ok.  Holding on to the rope between my Seminary teachers while hiking up the steepest part of Farnsworth Peak to the KSL towers.  Rocking 2 year old Gavin, sobbing while he told me it would be ok even though he had no idea his dad was out of work and we were living on nothing but faith.  Refusing the amniocentesis to avoid the 1% risk of miscarriage after an ultrasound raised suspicions of chromosomal abnormalities in our longed for baby girl.  The seatbelt commercial with the jingle Hold on for Dear Life.

Hold on for dear life.  It’s trusting that the Lord knows me and has a plan for me even when it all feels impossible.  It’s trusting that I taught my kids well and getting a big parental pay day when Gavin kneels to pray for his parents who have momentarily lost the faith to do it themselves.  It’s remembering that the greatest things in life aren’t things. 

Hold on for dear life.  My conscience whispers that it’s worth gutting through when it seems easier to give up.  My conscience calms my rebellious soul by telling me I need to take care of myself so I can watch my babies grow up.  My conscience, and when I say conscience I realize it’s probably not my own thoughts but the voice of the Spirit, reminds me that good works will be rewarded.  Hold on.  Hold on for dear life. 

Hold on to my spouse, my husband, my soulmate.  Hold on knowing that together with the Lord nothing will happen that we can’t handle.  Hold on because marriage is work with countless rewards. 

Hold on to my babies.  Make home a place they want to be.  Talk to them so they will know they can tell me anything.  Listen to them.  Love them.  Hold on to them.  Let them go physically while never letting them go in my heart.  Hold on for dear life. 

Hold on for dear life to principles, standards, personal convictions, innocence, hope and faith.  Hold on.  The winds of adversity may blow with hurricane forces but hold on for dear life.  The sun will rise again.  Hold on and stay true to yourself. 

Hold on because you care.  Hold on because it’s worth it.  Hold on for dear life to all that matters.  Hold on. 

2 thoughts:

Grandma W said...

Thanks, I needed those reminders.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Hold on Dawn because soon the other eye will see as clearly as the first.