Saturday, May 7, 2011

Million Dollar Baby

Gwen fell asleep on the couch today and looked so angelically peaceful.  Heath and I admired her sweet sleeping face for quite a while as we enjoyed a Roger Moore James Bond movie.  The movie ended and I guess Heath couldn’t resist his precious Little Miss anymore.  He knelt on the floor right in front of her oohing and ahhing over her.  She started to slowly wake up so Heath started talking to her.  I told him to leave her alone and let her sleep but her eyes opened more and more.  At one point he said, “Do you know you were snoring?”  Her eyebrows knitted together and a darkness passed over her face as she shook her head no. 

I will take full responsibility for what happened next.  First of all, it’s my fault Heath even told her she was snoring because she felt it was necessary to tell me that over and over again today.  You see, the promiscuous plants outside have mixed their pollen with the gusty wind kicking all of our butts with seasonal allergies.  To make matters worse we woke up this morning feeling like we had all been hit by a truck.  Nobody slept well last night because none of us could breathe well enough.  Heath and I feel like seasonal allergies have hooked up with a cold virus and we’re ready to call the cops on the raging party in our bodies.  We did our church assignment of cleaning the church building this morning and that was about all the energy we had for the day.  The couch and TV have lulled us into the most restful sleep we’ve had all week.  When I woke up Gwen made a point of telling me “You keep snoring and snoring so get up!”  The incessant demands of a 3 year old did nothing for me.  My bursting bladder is what finally did it. 

Anyway, when Gwen had snuggled up with a blanket in the corner of the couch and drifted off into peaceful slumber quietly snoring I told Heath we should tease her about it.  My bad.  So Heath was in her face telling her she was snoring while she vehemently denied it by shaking her head no.  I told her she could punch him in the nose.  The next thing we knew she had a devious twinkle in her eye while she pulled her arm back, fist balled up and sucker punched Heath in the nose.  Hard.  He was fine, I mean she is only 3 years old.  But I had no idea she would actually punch him.  Silly me I thought she would lightly tap his nose or something.  There was nothing to do but laugh.  She did too.  One of those little kid I did something Mom and Dad think is funny and I’m surprised by it kind of laughs.  Our Million Dollar Baby. 

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