Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Out and About

The last couple of days it has been hot, sunny, and oh so beautiful.  Much too nice to be inside.  So we haven’t been! 

Yesterday Parker had to be at school by 7:15 am to get on the chartered bus for his field trip to Pigeon Point.  I’m not kidding, these buses were not yellow school buses.  They were not Greyhound buses.  They were the nice buses with potties in the back for little kids who can’t hold it for an hour or so trip to the beach.  Sweet huh!  Good for the school for getting the nice buses for the one and only field trip that uses buses instead of parent volunteer private vehicles.  He wasn’t scheduled to return to the school until 4:00 pm.  Hello long trip right? 

What did Gwen and I do while boys were gone all day?  We hung out with friends.  We met at a friend’s house and walked to the park by our house.  In the future I think I’ll just meet our friends at the playground since I was 15 minutes late picking up Gavin from school.  Oops.  Then, of course, the kindergarteners got back from the field trip early so I had enough time to drive around the corner to pick Parker up.  I didn’t get any pictures of Gwen playing with Conner and Rachel or me holding Baby Charlotte or Baby Jane.  But one of my friends who did go on the field trip took some pictures. 

P1080289P1080321Classic Parker expression! 
P1080290Holding hands with Dylan. 

P1080330Cute group of kids.

P1080294Did Russell Brand get a job teaching songs at Pigeon Point?
P1080315The story I’ve heard is the octopus was dead.  Apparently the octopus was a big deal to everyone.  I asked Parker if he touched it and he said yes.  This is while we’re eating dinner.  I asked if he washed his hands afterwards.  Remember Parker’s eyes in the second picture?  He did that again and said no.  I looked at his pizza and fries he ordered from the Mexican restaurant.  There are no words. 

Today Gwen and I had a spur of the moment idea to go to a park with a water feature.  She has never gotten wet in these situations before.  Half the time she sits on the grass with me and won’t even join her brothers playing in the water.  I was a little hesitant to do this with her alone.  I asked her if she wanted to play in the water and she was really excited about it.  She kept asking if her friends would be there so we called the ones we knew were here.  Everyone is going out of town this weekend!  Rachel was available but only after Vicki (her mom) finished a meeting. 

Gwen and I went as soon as we were ready and Gwen played for almost an hour before Rachel was able to come.  I was impressed with how well Gwen played.  She got right in there with the other kids and had a great time playing.  It helped that there were a lot of little girls.  Any girl is Gwen’s best friend simply because she’s a girl. 

Gwen kept saying, “Rachel let’s fight!”  So they both ran over to the water canons when the water wasn’t even on!  Three year olds! 

Gwen had so much fun that I’m thinking we may be doing this a lot and definitely a lot this summer with the boys.  Then I set up the inflatable pool this afternoon for the kids.  Am I the best mom ever or what?  One problem with being out and about is that the house is a mess.  How does it get so out of control if no one is there to mess it up?  I get the neglected kitchen but what’s up with the toy minefield?  Time to do my chores. 

2 thoughts:

Chantalle Bishop said...

As someone who went to school in your town since I was seven, I never rode a yellow school bus. Ever. Always the nice ones in this town! You mean some buses don't have A/C?? :)

The Piquant Storyteller said...

I love your comment Chantalle! See, I grew up in the ghettos compared to you. I am from the West side of Salt Lake - aka the wrong side of the tracks! We rode in yellow school buses without the white tops. It smelled like sweaty little kids blown around by all the hot air coming through the windows. Good times.