Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pigeon Point Field Trip

This post is in the words of Mr. Parker, my little man whom we love so much!  Before I get into what he said about his field trip today I have to say that Gavin cried when the buses pulled out of the parking lot.  He was crying and saying that he didn’t want Parker to go and that he missed him!  Oh my goodness how cute is that?  My kids are so sweet.  Without further ado, here’s Parker’s story:

First I went in the bus.  It was a long trip all the way to Pigeon Point so we matched things on our paper and we marked the things we found on our paper.  And I went to the tides and after that I went to lunch.  The tide pools were really big and waves just came at us and there was lots of slides and rock walls.  Lunch was so crowded.  I ate lunch with Riley’s dad.  He showed me the tides.  After lunch I went to do the activities.  First I went to see the whales and seals.  Third I went to do the light switch.  (the light switch was a real light switch plate the kids decorated with paint and he wants me to put it up now!)  Did I say first and second?  I went to see more whales and seals with binoculars.  And then we went to go make our switch and then we went back after we sat on the floor and then we were going back and then Riley’s dad had the bus keys and then we went inside and then we went back home.  And that was the end. 

Me:  How did you get wet?
Parker:  By stepping in the water and the tides. 

M:  Where did you change your clothes?
P:  At a house. 
M:  Whose house was it?
P:  Nobody’s.  Just a house that we changed. 

M:  Did other kids have to change?
P:  Yes, only one. 

M:  What was your favorite part?
P:  The lunch and the water and the light switch.  Did you type in ocean?  Because I meant ocean on the water. 

We went for a long way back and I was taking a sleep for a long time and then Mrs K told me to wake up and then Dylan shouted out that we’re at California and then for a little while we were almost at the school and then Dylan shouted that we’re almost at the school and then for another little while we got here at the school and then we waited for our moms and when our moms were gone we went. 

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