Thursday, May 19, 2011

Save the Fish

Animals are interesting creatures.  They cause people to do the strangest things.  Some people agree with PETA and think that it’s a good idea to ban the sale of ladybugs from home improvement stores.  Meanwhile other people get excited about a commercial on TV selling butterfly kits with live caterpillars.  Then there’s ant farms.  That’s just a miniature zoo. 

I’m not much of an environmentalist but I do think we should save the fish.  They don’t taste that great.  But I do like crab which, when you think about it, are just really large spiders.  Same with lobsters but I don’t know how they taste.  I’ve only had imitation lobster.  My parents were cheap and Heath refuses to buy anything with real lobster in it. 

Did you know that there is an i-Pad app for cats?  It’s pictures of objects that the cat can bat at on the computer screen.  I wish I was making that up.  Dog food commercials give me a headache from rolling my eyes so much.  Dogs have never been ashamed to lick their nether regions in plain sight.  This is something dogs have never even pretended to hide.  Do you really think they’re bored with one flavor of dog food?  Given the fact that some dogs eat cat feces, do you really think they have a discerning palate?  Just saying . . .

Perhaps my biggest pet peeve (ha ha no pun intended) is talking animals.  Take Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for example.  Gwen’s watching it right now which inspired this post.  Mickey is a talking mouse who owns a large dog named Pluto, yet his neighbor is Goofy, a talking dog who wears clothes.  Mickey wears shorts with no shirt while Donald wears a shirt with no pants.  Daisy wears a shirt and bloomers with high heels.  All the animals are about the same size too, including Clarabelle the talking cow.  Hmm.

I have never understood the need for talking half dressed animals in children’s stories.  Are they more relatable than other children?  I don’t know.  Every time I see Minnie on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I think of when we were touring her house at Disneyland.  There was a grocery list on the fridge with every type of cheese imaginable on it.  I commented on it and Heath said, “She is a mouse!”  The characters are so humanized I had forgotten that part.  I know her name.  I guess I figured it was more like a last name than a species label. 

But I’ve had conversations with Heath about how Mickey and Minnie have the same last name but don’t seem to be married.  Hmm . . . maybe they are married but live in separate houses since that’s no different than amicable divorces but better on the taxes!  Reality sets in my mind and I say, “It’s a cartoon!  Don’t overthink it!” 

Animals.  Such a strange fascination we humans have. 

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