Sunday, May 15, 2011

What We’ve Learned–DBW #7

What we’ve learned - Sunday 5/15: Last year, Wendy of Candy Hearts made a suggestion for this year. She commented “I think Day 7 should be a post about stuff we've learned from other blogs or the experience of coming together online...” Today, let’s do just that!! What have you learned from other blogs - either this week or since finding the D-OC? What has your experience of blogging the DBlog Week topics with other participants been like? What has finding the D-OC done for you? If you'd like, you can even look ahead and tell us what you think the future holds!

It’s been a busy week and while I tried to write all my posts early so I wasn’t living in front of my computer, I still spent a lot of time on the computer.  Diabetes has been on my mind more so than usual this week.  My goal with Diabetes Blog Week this year was to write for my regular readers.  Last year I wrote all my posts on a new blog I have since abandoned.  Since I didn’t really know my readers yet I wrote for diabetics.  It was nice for me to use Diabetes Language and just know everyone got what I was saying.  I soon realized that non diabetic readers were still confused.  I was bummed that I had missed my opportunity to really take advantage of DBW. 

This is why my posts were hello long.  I wanted to explain what life with diabetes is really like.  Diabetes is so misunderstood and I realized this week how frustrating that is to those of us who deal with diabetes on a daily basis.  I hope I enlightened my non diabetic audience more.  If nothing else, the story is there for my kids to read later.  That’s always the goal with this blog. 

I love the DOC and I love that I found this group of amazing people.  The DOC truly has changed my life.  They inspire me to be better and they teach me things I would never know unless I kept up with them.  It’s always nice to go to a blog on the days I’m feeling down about diabetes and read other stories of people who get it.  We all have our ups and downs, our good days and bad days.  We are all working hard to live as healthy as we can to prolong our lives to be with those we love. 

Ok, enough with the mushy love stuff.  Wipe tears away discreetly.  What I really learned this week is hilarious, I think. 

I learned to put my insulin in the fridge. 

How did I not know that before?  Well, I remember my doctor telling me that I could keep my insulin at room temperature.  So I have.  For years.  Any time I worried about it I would skim the paperwork that comes in the insulin package.  It says on that paper that you can store insulin at room temperature and it lists the range of temps to keep it at.  This is not even in fine print! 

When you think about it, why wouldn’t insulin be fine at room temperature?  My insulin pump isn’t refrigerated.  It holds a couple days worth of insulin at a time.  I don’t have a walk in refrigerator in my house where I can periodically cool down the insulin attached to my body and then scope out the ingredients for my secret passion for cooking (ha ha I burn boiled water!).  So you can see where I got the idea to have boxes of insulin scattered all over the house. 

Enter Diabetes Blog Week’s writing topic Saturday Snapshots.  It took Photoshopping a picture of my insulin in the cupboard to see the writing on the box.  “Refrigerate.  Do not freeze.”  Oh. 

So I tried it.  I was getting concerned about the volume of extra insulin I had on hand that was sitting in my bedroom where it can get up to 80 degrees on a hot day with the air conditioning on.  It’s a two story house.  Who knows, maybe it will make a difference.  So I am happy to report that my insulin is now in my fridge.  It’s not in the butter compartment though.  It’s in the vegetable crisper.  I have that much extra insulin!  If Diabetes Bloopers are another writing topic next year I will have to come up with a different duh moment.  Although that shouldn’t be too hard.  It was sure fun reading all the D- Bloopers out there this year and knowing we all make mistakes.  The trick is learning to laugh at yourself. 

4 thoughts:

Mike said...

Oh the little things we learn by sharing on the net. What did people do 10 years ago?!?!?

The Piquant Storyteller said...

So true, Mike. Isn't it amazing how much the Internet has become a part of people's everyday lives?

Jane K. said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog this week. I think we have a lot in common. Thanks for sharing your insulin story. The insulin you're currently using (open bottles) can be at room temp. All unopened bottles store in the frig and then they are good until the expiration date. :)

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Thank you Jane! That makes a lot of sense with the insulin. That's what I'm doing now so I feel much better about all of it.