Friday, June 24, 2011

Caliente Piquancy - or one hot week told in graphic pictures



The kids played so hard outside in the pool Parker crashed before dinner. 



I have no pictures for Father’s Day but here’s a cute one of Heath and Gwen, who actually looks very young in this picture even though it was only taken a couple weeks ago. 

Monday:  No pictures but Rachel came over to play with Gwen while her mom went to an appointment.  The girls dressed up for their picnic.  They carried it around in a box that unzipped is a castle play mat, and then they had to pray before eating their plastic food!  They also watched Beauty and the Beast while eating popcorn. 



No I did not have a football accident or anything like that . . .


just sunburned shoulders after playing at Rae’s pool.  I invited myself to a pool party with Abigail and her kids at her mom’s house.  Abigail was feeling yucky so she wasn’t going to come but she told me I was welcome to take my kids.  Her mom is the ultimate hostess who loves having people over.  Do you like how I used a lot of sunscreen and still got burned!  I even got my shoulders double.  Because I did everything to protect myself I was really irritated when my shoulders were itchy.  After the kids went to bed I soaked some dish towels in cold water and put ice packs on to keep the towels cold and wet.  I sat that way for an hour or so while watching shows in the DVR queue with Heath.  It worked because my shoulders were less hot the next day and by Thursday they were a nice golden brown color.  I tan easily.  This new burn easily thing is annoying and foreign to me. 

The lesson to be learned here is that Ross Gellar was right on Friends when he told his girlfriend that half the time sunscreen bottles are just filled with milk.  If you find yourself in a similar situation where you got a little crispy outside, soak a t-shirt or towels or something in cold water and put it over the sunburn.  It takes the heat right out.  Aloe Vera gel is just sticky and really provides no relief nor does it help moisturize.  I peel every time I use Aloe Vera gel to deal with a sunburn. 

The cold water thing was something I came up with as a teenager getting fried like chicken at Lake Mead in the fall.  (I wasn’t consistent with the sunscreen back then)  The Aloe Vera gel wasn’t taking the heat out and the sun was still really hot so I soaked my t-shirt and put it on over my swimsuit.  When it dried and I could feel the burn again I resoaked the shirt and repeated several times.  The heat was out of my back and shoulders by the next morning I am so not even kidding.  I don’t recommend getting burned but if you do you should try this method.  It’s magic. 


The county fair opened and was offering 99 cent entry fees for opening day before 3:00 pm. I thought the 99 cents was per person regardless of age but I was wrong. They only charged us for three people since Gwen and Parker were free. Score!


And then we splurged our entry fee savings on fair food.  Parker got a Monster Corn Dog (he did not eat even half of).  Later, Heath bought a couple bottled waters for everyone to share when Gwen wouldn’t stop whining that she was thirsty. 


We decided to spend our money on the inflatable toys instead of rides.  Gwen chose a unicorn and until we bought it she kept quoting Despicable Me, “It’s so fluffy I could die!”  Gavin chose Spongebob and Parker chose Spiderman. 


We saw animals.  The Clydesdale horses were my favorite because I have never seen one in person.  They are majestic beasts.   The kids loved mooing at the cows.  The goats were fun too.  Heath said there always has to be one prairie dog in the bunch standing up in the pen to see what’s going on.  The kids got to pet a goat that was being sheared.  We also saw 2 day old piglets that were so tiny and sweet and a new calf. 

I don’t want to post before and after pictures of me but I can tell you that I have definitely lost weight.  I found some pictures of me from 2008 and 2009 that are pretty horrifying and my face is certainly thinner now.  Just check out my about me page on my old blog.  It’s a gradual process. 


The highlight of course was watching the pig races. I started to put together a movie of all the video and pictures but I didn’t finish it.


Gwen is too cute.  She was singing to We Will Rock You by Queen and trying to clap in rhythm.  Of course she stopped every time Heath tried to get video of her. 


Gavin kept saying that he heard that song before we went to the pig races!  Yes honey, that song was probably produced before I was born! 


I love this guy, goofiness and all.  And now that you’re all bored or puking we will move on to


Heath was asked to teach a grilling class for a Relief Society Cooking Club.  It was one of the activities presented at the May activity to help people have a spectacular summer.  Considering it wasn’t advertised early enough I thought we had a decent turnout with 8 participants.  They were even brave enough to help prepare food and do a little of the cooking. 

week-of-fun-052week-of-fun-054 tri tip

week-of-fun-056week-of-fun-062 grilled corn on the cob

week-of-fun-061 cedar plank salmon and a variety of vegetables

week-of-fun-060week-of-fun-064 my personal favorite was grilled pineapple topped with ice cream.  Holy yum that’s a party in your mouth.  Oh and it smelled amazing too.  All the food did.  I wish I could have a camera that would allow someone to scratch and sniff the pictures! 


Weekly Friday play date at the park.  Parker loved it because normally he was playing with Rebekah and Gwen since the rest of the kids were at school but now all the kids were there.  That was fun.  Then I went shopping with Abigail and got some Disney t-shirts and matching iron on patches for the kids to color and decorate.  For dinner we had the brick chicken we didn’t make last night.  Yummy. 


We have plans to hang out with Abigail and David and their kids at her mom’s pool again tomorrow.  We’ll have a barbecue lunch and swim swim swim the afternoon away.  Here’s hoping I don’t get burned again!  Maybe since David will be there I’ll wear a t-shirt since my tankini is pretty low and revealing and I haven’t replaced it yet. 

Heath starts his new job on Monday.  We’re sad to see him go but so thrilled with this great opportunity.  I’m ready for a regular schedule.  At least my angry high blood sugars are ready for a more consistent schedule. 

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Grandma W said...

My big exciting news for the week is that the school year is finally over! I spent the last two days trying to get overdue fines put into the student system. Next week will be even more fun. I get to have my tooth pulled on Monday! That sunburn is sounding like more fun all the time.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Yay! Congratulations you finally made it! Enjoy the drugs on Monday and nap a lot. That will be a good kick start to your summer vacation. And try to stay out of the sun since you claim to only have two colors - white and red. Burns aren't worth it if they don't eventually turn brown.

Jenni said...

Wow...what a week! :) And what a sunburn...ouch!!! I love the pics of you and Heath. I have a goofy husband too, and I love him, goofyness and all. :) Good luck to Heath with his new job. Hooray for a consistant schedule!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Jenni, it was a busy and fun week for sure. The other trick I learned with sunburn prevention is to reapply. I know, not rocket science but it's something I'm not very good at! My shoulders and back are nice and tan but my thighs that generally don't see the light of day are a little pink from swimming yesterday. I reapplied on my upper body but not my legs. Live and learn right!

Sherron said...

I have converted to a swim shirt (rash guard) with swim shorts and I love it! I could never get the boys to apply sunscreen on my back evenly, so this helps a lot!

Enjoy the summer!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Sherron, that makes total sense! Hope you're having a fun summer too.