Friday, June 3, 2011

My Little Boy


This is my little boy who is rapidly growing up before my eyes.  I’m so excited for him but at the same time my heart aches.  Why did I ever let my kids go to school?  They seemed to be frozen in time all the way until I sent Gavin to kindergarten, you know a blink ago, and now he’s heading into third grade while my littlest boy is heading into first grade!  Who said that was ok? 


Parents were invited to a special parent picnic with the kindergarteners.  The teacher said if the parents can’t come send the grandparents.  I thought Parker knew I had RSVP’d that I would be there but yesterday he said, “Are you coming to the picnic?  If you can’t come can Grandma and Grandpa come?”  So sweet and funny.  I told him they live hundreds of miles away and can’t come on such short notice but I was planning on being there. 

I love how there were s’more fixings at the picnic.  The kids all knew what they were!  I like to believe I had something to do with that.  Did you know there are chocolate marshmallows?  True story.  I didn’t try one so I don’t know if they’re good but they’re out there.  One mom said that wouldn’t be enough chocolate for her. 


The kids had three activities they were supposed to do with their parents.  Two were mandatory.  In fact, a few of us parents were chastised for letting our kids play before getting the “assignments” done.  So Parker and I went in for the messy art projects.  Why do they give paint to kids?  Can you see how hard Parker was concentrating on squeezing as much paint out as he possibly could for each dot?  His shirt has black paint smeared all over it, his hands are covered, and what’s worse is the paint isn’t supposed to dry for two hours.  Again, why do they give paint to kids?  Parker was so proud of this art project.  It’s his picture on a foam frame with black blobs all over that ended up dripping onto the picture when I momentarily held it upright while digging my keys out of my pocket.  Unfortunately that ruined the whole afternoon for Parker.  I apologized half a million times and promised to print him another picture we can frame and decorate.  Sorry kid. 


For the other project the kids were supposed to cut out pictures of their favorite activities at school and glue them on a paper.  They were supposed to bring it home and explain the activities in the pictures which kind of made no sense to me since I was sitting right there while he picked and cut out the pictures.  Do you like how Parker insists on using his “longest” finger as a pointing finger?  I love kids. 


Soccer with his buddies was the highlight of the afternoon.  The first picture shows Parker with his best friends Riley and Amrith.  Riley’s mom plays soccer and is really good so of course Riley is really good.  He’s the one who taught Parker how to play and Parker is obsessed.  The orange t-shirt he’s wearing makes an appearance as many times a week as he can get away with, which when I’m paying attention is only once.  It’s a hand me down from a friend that says Bainbridge Island on it with a soccer ball.  Parker loves wearing that shirt to play soccer.  Everyone thinks he played on a team in Washington!  If only. 

While Parker was playing with the few adults who agreed to play with the kids . . . the kids really wanted to play parents against kids but most of us stood and watched while a couple dads jumped into the action.  Anyway, while Parker was playing I ended up talking to a mom who asked if Parker played soccer.  I told her he learned at school and loves it.  She wrote down my email to send me info about soccer clinics.  I really think I need to put this boy onto an organized soccer team.  When we got home I saw the neighbor girl outside kicking a ball around with her friend.  I told Parker to go over with his soccer ball and ask if he could play.  Finally he forgot about the picture and went back to happy Parker!  They were really sweet to play with him.  They’re in fourth grade.  We ended up spending several hours outside chatting with the neighbors while the kids played soccer, two square, and drew pictures with sidewalk chalk for Gwen to color. 

Parker is such a fun boy.  I love being his mom.  He has such an enthusiasm for life and all the confidence in the world.  Maddie and her little friend were patient enough to teach Parker how to play two square and he was excited to learn.  You show that boy a couple times how to do something and he gets it.  I love how hard he tries to master so many things.  I love how funny he is.  I have definitely loved watching him grow this year in kindergarten.  Sometimes he comes home with phrases and behaviors I wish he never picked up but for the most part it has been really cool to see him enter the world on his own and enjoy it so much. 

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Grandma W said...

Oh how I wish Grandma and Grandpa could have been there too, Parker. It sounds like you had a great day. We are really looking forward to seeing you this summer.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Thanks Grandma. I can't wait to see you in the summer.