Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Old Switcheroo (from Blogger to WordPress)

It’s been on my mind on again and off again.  And lately it’s been on again.  Does anyone else feel creatively stunted by Blogger’s templates and sidebars?  I don’t like being a carbon copy of anyone else.  Nor do I like doing things for the sake of popularity.  It’s a personality trait of mine that really drives some people crazy but I want to be an individual.  Participate in trends but do it my own way.  Blog but do it my own way.  The only way to do this is to switch to WordPress. 

WordPress has so many more options than Blogger.  Plus, it just looks more professional.  My blog is certainly not professional but it looks like everyone else’s blog!  The sidebar is so cluttered it’s driving me nuts!  I spent time today coming up with super cute page names along a storytelling theme.  The idea was to have the pages hold much of the information I have stored on my sidebar.  Some people clean up cluttered sidebars by inserting the archive button for their old posts.  I tried that once and didn’t like it because it stores everything by date only.  If I’m looking for an old post I don’t know what day I wrote it.  I write practically every day!  This also makes navigating the edit posts screens a nightmare as well.  And I am not going to tighten my belt on writing.  What a laughable idea. 

So . . . I think what needs to be done here is to just switch to WordPress.  There are ways to have a WordPress blog point to this blog.  I think that’s what Heath said anyway.  Which if that’s true then I won’t be abandoning this blog, possibly losing readers along the way, and starting over.  Blank slates work great for some people but this blog has been my pet for four years.  I have fed it, nurtured it, and loved it.  The thought of starting fresh with a new pet pains my very soul.  I can see my blog’s big doe eyes growing larger and sparkling with tears threatening to spill over and it breaks my heart.  This blog may have started with a Blogger URL that I masked with my own URL so it wouldn’t be blocked at Dawn’s school.  Hee hee, so sneaky.  But the blog has stayed the same.  It’s just getting too big for its body. 

I love thinking out loud in posts.  As I write I figure out my decision.  I am open to advice or feedback.  Has anyone made this switch?  How hard is it to import my Blogger posts to WordPress?  Because honestly, that would be ideal.  I’m looking for more creative freedom because I have an eye for design and Blogger is too restricting in that sense. 

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