Saturday, June 11, 2011

Picnics, Parties, and Promotions

Plus a whole lotta pictures!  Nice alliteration right?  School only ended yesterday so my mind is still sharp. 

The last week of school went something like this:  Monday and Tuesday were regular days with a regular afternoon kindergarten schedule for Parker.  Wednesday was Field Day.  I had nothing to do with it and the neighbors drove the boys in the morning so Wednesday was a great day!  I was telling Parker what he could expect from Field Day.  I told him he could get a temporary tattoo if he wanted to but not on his face or he would look bad on the last day.  I didn’t know his teacher would be the only teacher to tell her class not to get tattoos!  I’m not a fan of the temporary tattoos but come on.  She also told her class not to get wet at the park for their end of year picnic when that’s everyone’s favorite part of that park!  Oh well.   

Thursday was Parker’s last field trip where the kindergarteners walk across the street to the park and play and have a picnic.  I’m not sure why I went since I really didn’t see much of Parker.  He was so busy playing with his friends.  Not that that is a bad thing!  Mr. Socialite. 

I took Gwen so she could play with her friends, the younger sisters of Parker’s classmates.  She was overwhelmed by all the people and didn’t really play with her friends.  Unfortunately she didn’t let me spend much time talking to my friends either.  That’s ok.  At least I went.  This is the one and only field trip I ever go on, mostly because I don’t have to be approved as a volunteer and since it’s a public place siblings are discouraged but allowed to attend. 

While all of this was going on with Parker, Gavin’s class was having a final party.  His teacher wanted the class to celebrate his un-birthday after the party.  When I first heard that I thought it didn’t make sense for me to bring in a treat after the kids had already loaded up on goodies.  So the teacher told me to bring in treats the next morning.  The next morning was the last day of school.  By Thursday night I was wishing I had just taken in the stupid treats after the party!  It all worked out though. 


Regardless of when I took the treats in to Gavin’s class, Heath and I were so impressed with how well the s’more rice crispies turned out.  Same recipe but we learned from our first attempt.  Take notes so your treats will look as appetizing as they taste.  Freeze the chocolate chips first so they don’t melt when you mix them in.  And extra hands help.  Heath mixed while I shaped.  The chocolate chips didn’t stay mixed in while I was shaping the 8 so I manually pushed them into place.  It looks awesome right? 

So the morning of the last day of school came.  I woke up at 6:00 am to shower and get everyone ready by 8:00.  Gwen not only had to be dressed but she had to have her hair done too.  Thank heavens for Heath because I may not have made it without him.  It was up in the air whether or not he could be there for Parker’s kindergarten celebration and at the last minute he was able to come.  Hallelujah.  He made Gavin’s lunch while I shoved huge spoonfuls of cereal into my mouth when my blood sugar decided to stay low all morning.  It was going to be one of those kind of stressful days. 

The neighbor girls piled into the van with us so that every single seat in the van was occupied and we drove to school.  We dumped Parker off in the kindergarten yard and sent Gavin off with all the older kids.  My arms were full of s’more rice crispy 8 and every eye was staring longingly at us.  Many parents complimented us and asked how we made it.  Then we made our way to the back of the school with the 8 while more eyes followed us and more parents flocked to us like flies at a picnic.  Gavin’s teacher was on yard duty that day so she came over all excited to talk to us about our cool looking treats. 

We followed Gavin’s class inside and waited for them to go through their morning routine before getting to the un-birthday festivities.  The class sang happy birthday and the teacher had a stuffed dog that sang a song.  She made the dog kiss Gavin’s face and when the song was done he signed the dog.  Three more kids stepped up to say they had summer birthdays too.  So we sang to them and they got the dog action too. 


Before we left I made sure to get a picture of Gavin with his teacher.  I also made sure to thank her for being such a wonderful teacher for Gavin.  She was perfect for him.  She gave me a hug and told me she has enjoyed watching Gavin grow and mature in her class.  Considering it’s only been two years since a teacher destroyed what little self confidence he had, I think Gavin is on his way to . . . whatever he wants.  This is a boy who loves math, multiplies and divides faster than he can add and subtract, loves writing, and loves designing games.  We downloaded some software for him to design his own computer game and he is doing a great job with it.  I will always remember how this teacher saw beyond the surface of Gavin and gently pushed him to achieve his potential. 


The next stop was Parker’s Promotion. Ooh more alliteration! This was a night and day difference from two years ago when Gavin did the same thing. I enjoyed every second of it this year. I also got a chance to talk to one of Gavin’s first grade teachers. She has a boy Parker’s age who was in a different kindergarten class. I would see her every once in while as she picked her son up and I dropped off Parker. She is a sweetheart too. Last year she asked me to teach her how to make movies but we still haven’t gotten together yet. I wrote my name, phone number, and email address on a scrap of paper to take to her. She immediately gave me the tightest hug and said she still wants me to help her. She told me some of her summer plans so I would know when she was in town and we could get together for a play date with our kids. Her boys are Parker and Gwen’s age.

Heath got some really cute video of Parker singing but Parker’s friend Riley was standing right next to Parker with a school shirt on.  Kind of hard to fuzz it out in video.  Plus, I’m lazy and don’t want to put together the videos right now. 

Next stop was the kindergarten yard for an hour or so of celebrating and lots of pictures with friends.  This one with Dylan was taken on Thursday after the picnic. 


Signing Abby’s yearbook.  Not buying a yearbook for the boys wasn’t even a big deal.  Yay!  Abby is such a cute girl who is so loving.  I’ll miss her family next year when she goes to a school she lives in the boundaries for. 


Ella (Abby’s little sister), Maddie (Dylan’s little sister), and Gwen.  These girls had fun playing together every day while us moms talked. 


My cute little man with me and his teacher.  His teacher is now retired.  She was a great teacher and Parker loved her so I made sure to thank her too.  I hope she enjoys her retirement.  So far the remaining kindergarten teachers are not much older than me.  Maybe Gwen will break the cycle of the Westovers burning out kindergarten teachers!  Hee hee. 

We killed an hour at Carl’s Jr. for lunch then picked up Gavin.  I am so glad I have two whole years before I have to deal with another annoying kindergarten schedule that never matches up with the regular school schedule!  After we picked up Gavin we rushed home to get everyone into swimming suits and sunscreen.  We met my friend and her little tikes at her mom’s house and swam the afternoon away.  It was a blast.  Perfect end to a fabulous school year and the perfect kickoff to summer vacation.  Thanks Abigail! 

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Cannonball said...

Looks like lots of fun!
I love the "Dear Elementary" pics!
Miss the 4th ward lots! Thanks for the nice words about a c section...I'm still a little freaked,but trying to deal with reality!!!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Thanks Heidi. We miss you guys too! Especially since you're on bedrest and about to have another cute baby! Hang in there, it's almost over and in the end you get a sweet baby boy.

Jenni said...

That Rice Crispy treat is seriously awesome! I'm totally going to try that! I'm glad Gavin (and Parker) have had such great teachers this year. I love that picture of you and Parker. You look great! :)

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Thanks Jenni! The Rice Crispy treat is easy and tasty so you should definitely try it. And bless you for your compliment of how I look! I'm caught in the warped view of myself where I think I look fine until I see pictures of myself.