Sunday, June 26, 2011

Say What

Parker got up after we had sent the kids to bed.  He came down and said
P:  Daddy, my Buzz’s helmet is broken.  Can you fix it?
H:  I will be happy to fix it in the morning.  Go to bed.
Parker was peering over the edge of the couch to see what I was doing.  I was working on some Ben & Jerry’s. 
H:  Yes, we have ice cream.
P:  When did you earn ice cream?

Gavin:  There’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but is there Children’s Day?
Me:  Every day is Children’s Day! 
G:  Is today Boy Day or Girl Day?

Heath:  You punched orphans?
Parker:  It’s a video game, Dad.  You wouldn’t punch orphans in real life!
Heath:  I’m glad you understand the difference!

It was Gwen’s turn at our homemade version of Pictionary
Gwen:  'Kay, we’re talking about feet! 

Some random arthritis commercial came on and the guy was saying that I probably have painful joints.  Then he said that he does too because he’s been in my shoes.
Me:  Stop wearing my shoes then!
Parker after a long thoughtful pause:  High heels?

Gwen:  You a pig, Mom, and you should snore!
This was the most random out of the blue statement ever made at the dinner table.  The best I can guess is that she was thinking of Heywood Banks’ song “If Pigs Had Wings.”  The lyrics say, “If pigs had wings away they’d soar up to heaven’s golden door.”  But Gwen sings it as “away they snore.” 

Hiding a ball while swimming with our friends
Parker:  Look under my pants! 
After the laughter subsided Heath said:  There goes your last hope of us being classy!
Me:  You never thought we were classy did you?  You read my blog! 

The Say What’s keep coming but my memory doesn’t hold them as long as it used to and I can’t always remember before I get it into the running Say What post.  Oh how I love my kids for making me laugh every day. 

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