Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To Bang or Not to Bang

The feminine life is full of interesting questions.  Are bangs the best look for girls?  I think it all depends on what you like.  Every once in a while hair type, cowlicks, forehead size and shape play into the bang decision.  Otherwise it’s a judgment call. 

When Gwen was born with a full head of thick, curly dark hair I was thrilled.  Finally my own daughter to put my skills to use on!  But in the beginning babies don’t have enough hair to braid so I had to master other hairstyles.  Braids are kind of my thing.  Ask anyone who went to Girl’s Camp with me. 

As I stared at my daughter’s hair trying to envision a look she could call her own, I decided on bangs.  In the beginning she wore headbands with a few stray strands swept to the side of her forehead.  Shortly before her first birthday I parted a chunk of hair onto her forehead and took the scissors to the raggedy ends.  Official bangs.  They were only an inch or so long and I was embarrassed on her behalf but they soon grew.  In less than a month her bangs covered her forehead and she was adorable.  By the way, I am a huge advocate for cutting babies hair rather than waiting for it to grow into your vision.  Cutting hair always makes it look healthier and thicker.  And as strange as it sounds, cutting hair makes hair grow.  Trust me on this one. 

For the next two years I attempted straight parts for ponytails that varied with the length of Gwen’s hair.  The longer her hair got the easier it was for me to incorporate little braids into ponytails.  My fingers itched to do more creative things with her hair but I couldn’t remember many of the braids I used to do on my dolls and friends.  I did the few braids I could remember my mom doing.  Luckily I found some fun hair blogs. 

My favorite hair blog has tons of ideas involving braids.  I tried lots of these styles and have posted the ones that turned out well.  The one thing I noticed was that the blogger’s daughters don’t have bangs.  The styles still worked on Gwen but after a while I realized her head was cut up into strange sections because of her thick bangs.  Styles that were on top of the girl’s head were in the middle of Gwen’s head.  I got tired of cutting Gwen’s bangs too.  It would take forever and I was constantly frustrated with her for not holding still.  The last couple of times I cut her bangs the sides still wouldn’t stay straight so I started pulling it all back. 


I’m loving the results.  She definitely looks more Westover now with her whole face exposed.  My braiding creativity has come back full force.  Gwen and I are enjoying the compliments! 


Her bangs are still too short to stay in the triple twist with twisty buns style I like so I improvised.  French braids into twisty buns is just as cute.  She even asks for this style. 


My own creation.  I combed her hair one night after her bath and saw the whole vision in my mind.  It only took me 25 minutes to turn my idea into reality.  It’s kind of a half spiral braid into a side ponytail.  I love it.  Today I tried to do a spiral starting in the center and working out but it didn’t work.  The last spiral braid I did was on my niece and it did not look good.  I think that spiral French braid I did at Girl’s Camp only worked on my friend Keri and her short, layered, fine hair. 


This is today’s compromise after I gave up on the spiral.  I used to do this zigzag braid a lot on my sister and in all honesty, for as cool as the idea was it always looked messy.  I couldn’t keep the braid tight and the parts even so toward the middle it was a big mess.  I am very proud of this braid I did on Gwen because it’s the best I’ve ever done!  First try too!  This took me 30 minutes but not really because part of that 30 minutes was when I was attempting the spiral braid.  So maybe it took me 15 or 20 minutes. 


I like this one too.  She asked for her hair to be left down and for heaven’s sake the girl has really pretty wavy curls.  It’s hard to tell in some of these pictures but I part her hair on an extreme angle from the right side of her head angling left and into the middle.  The braids stay in well unless I do it for church and she rubs her head on us like she’s a cat or something.  I think it looks super cute.  I do the braids down the side of her head naturally so I tried to curve it a little more and bring the braids into the center and tie them off in the middle. 

Anyway, those are my new fun hair ideas for my Little Miss who no longer has bangs. 

8 thoughts:

Becca Jane said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair!!! I don't say this often, because I don't like to offend anyone, but I am SO much more of a fan of no bangs than bangs.

You are so good at doing her hair! I can't wait until Roo's hair gets longer so I can try new things with it. I am pretty limited still.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

I feel like I have so much more freedom with hairstyles now that Gwen doesn't have bangs anymore. So I'm quickly becoming a fan of no bangs too.

Roo just turned 2 right? I was looking at pictures of Gwen when she just turned 2 and her hair was surprisingly short. Keep trimming Roo's hair periodically. Gwen gets her hair trimmed when I get my hair trimmed. And keep working on doing what you're doing. She looks really cute. You're better than you think you are!

Grandma W said...

She is unbelievably adorable. I would never have sit still to have my hair done like that. I never got the chance to do braids since my boys would have looked a little strange with them and their dad would have shot me but you do an incredible job.

Ed said...

Gwen is so cute! Beautiful braids. You're an expert braider.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Dawn, on behalf of myself and Heath, thank you for not braiding your boys' hair! Thanks for the compliments.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Thanks Ed. I love the cute things Candi does with Izzy's hair.

Sherron said...

Okay, the title of this post made me a bit hesitant to read on. :] I always had bangs growing up and I finally decided to get rid of them in the 9th grade. My mom said that my forehead was too big for no bangs, but I insisted. I am so glad to not have to do my bangs everyday. They are a pain to grow out, but I think that for most people no bangs are the way to go.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

It wasn't until I posted this that I thought the title sounded a little more piquant than I was planning on! Sorry about that. I had bangs growing up and grew them out at the end of 8th grade. What a funny coincidence!

My hair is really heavy on top so back in the day when everyone curled and poofed their bangs into "bangs to the sky" mine would fall flat every day. I had to perm my bangs in order for them to stay for most of the day. Growing them out was the best thing I have ever done.