Thursday, July 14, 2011

Before and After

In the beginning


this was the master bedroom/office.


An empty formal dining room turned into my office with the invisible walls. 


When the office moved out of the master bedroom we tucked the bed into this cozy space. 


It hasn’t really changed much except for now we have grown up sheets!  One day I want to buy a big board, some batting, and some super expensive upholstery fabric (me and my expensive taste!) and make a headboard so we look even more grown up.  Oh and then get matching nightstands.  


Chaos turned into an organized mess that now sits on the end table my friend’s mom gave me.  I have tried to do whatever I could to make those cords look better. 

Originally I moved the futon under the window.  I was pleased with how it covered up the cords.  By the time I went to bed that night I decided I didn’t like the futon there.  With my own power and muscles


this turned into this.  That’s right.  I moved the futon twice. The bookshelves weren’t fun to move by myself either. Nothing was particularly heavy, just really awkward.

The coffee table was also given to me by my friend’s mom.  She said it wasn’t her style.  Originally I wanted to put it somewhere so the kids could paint or something on it.  Once Heath got it home I decided my kids don’t need anything I can look at and enjoy because it’s so pretty!  It’s totally my style!  The end table was stolen from my living room set along with the silk roses that were used at our wedding reception.  Gwen was bummed that I moved those things.  She loves to play with the flowers.  Part of the reason why I moved them to my room! 


The bookshelves were looking really crammed which inspired me to put them on a wall where they would be generally hidden from the doorway.  I didn’t take that many things off the shelf.  Just some partial diaries, wedding guest book and advice book, and papers that we didn’t need to keep.  Somehow I was able to fit books on the shelf that were living on the floor and there are not nearly as many books lying horizontally over the vertical stacks.  It made me happy anyway. 


This is my favorite little corner.  Crispy, fragile, dead roses remind me of how much Heath loves me.  He took pictures of all my dried roses before we moved to California because they were not going to survive the trip.  Look how many he’s replaced!  I feel like a genius for putting them in a wide mouthed vase because they used to be lying across the box my mom painted for me in high school.  I love the three scrapbooks I made that chronicled the first six years of our relationship.  I was so excited to start a 12x12 family album but I haven’t even finished our trip to Sea World and Legoland when I was 4 months along with Gwen.  The black album contains 100 reasons why I love Heath.  That was a Christmas present for him.  The other white album is our wedding album.  My very first scrapbook ever. 

Next to the phone are my pals Chocolate the cow and Sammy the Seattle Salamander.  On the floor is Cherry the cow one of my students (named Cheri) gave me on my last day of student teaching.  She named it.  Parker and Gwen saw Chocolate and Sammy.  Parker still laughs that I only have two toys!  He doesn’t understand that his toys will not be the rest of his life.  This phone is the only way we can talk to our families on speaker phone without the batteries on the cordless phones running out in the middle of a call. 


True confession picture.  I told Dawn I was going to post pictures of my rearranged therefore new room.  I told her I shoved the filing cabinet in the bathroom so the bedroom would look great.  Heath hasn’t had a chance to help me take it downstairs to our office yet.  Dawn laughed and told me I was a cheater.  So there you go.  Proof that I’m not as perfect as I try to appear! 

I had gotten over the drama of the other day and my post on guilt.  But now I’m super excited because changing the furniture around in a room brightens my mood so much.  I love it.  In two or three years I think I’ll do it again. 

2 thoughts:

Grandma W said...

Wow! Grown up sheets and everything. Next time we come down we can build your headboard. I am going to do the same thing this summer. You have your own little sanctuary. Someday I am going to own a house with enough bookshelves I don’t have to have books stacked every which way all over the shelves all over the house. Your room looks very nice. I need some one’s grandma to give me tables. Oh wait, I’m someone’s grandma and I give things away. I appreciate your true confessions with the filing cabinet in the bathroom. Of course your bathroom is a big as my computer room.
I love Parker’s love note. That was worth hanging up for. I so want to hug them all. You might think about getting the water color brushes you fill with water and you don’t need a cup of water. Really cool! I use mine whenever I watercolor since I end up in tears when I spill my water cup too.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

You're so cute Dawn! I have never heard of water color brushes that have water in the brush. It wasn't in the school supply aisle at the grocery store.

I saw an ad the other day for a cool bookshelf idea. The wall was filled with boards in a diamond shape. Like the ribbon on your message board. And they were putting the books on the sides of the diamonds. It looked really unique and there was tons more space to store books.