Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just Add Color

A vision came to me last night.  My kids were outside painting on an extra long piece of paper.  The sun was shining and the kids were smiling.  This was my new plan for today until I realized only the boys had Crayola paint sets.  A new vision came and it involved angry tears as my kids unsuccessfully “shared” the paint.  More shopping was necessary.  Why am I so expensive?  Expensive taste, expensive ideas.  Family Fun Magazine has cute craft ideas and art projects but they all cost money because I don’t have those supplies lying around the house. 

Visions turned into reality.  Wind turned reality into a new vision.  I had unrolled an extra long piece of paper, approximately 10 feet long, and secured it with canned potatoes that expired six years ago.  Two cans on each end with two more cans securing the middle of the paper.  We all smiled at the possibilities stretching before us.  Until the wind picked up enough to whip the paper across the yard, spilling a cup of water in the process. 


No worries.  We moved the project to the garage.  The paper was too long for the space they were working in so I cut off a chunk. 


Peace and tranquility wrapped the kids in a warm hug


along with the ratty t-shirts I had them wearing just in case. 

I stepped away to work on my own things.  Parker came in with his arms waving wildly animating each syllable he announced. 

Parker:  Mom, did you know Gwen is crying?  Can you hear her?
Me:  Why is she crying?  What happened?
I rounded the corner and ran into Gwen who was a sobbing unintelligible mess.
Parker:  Gwen spilled her water and it got on my picture! 
Gwen:  And my picture too! 

Sure enough Gwen’s Picasso like painting was swirling around in a puddle of water.  A river extended from the pool and was inching its way across Parker’s paintings.  Synchronized sobbing ensued.  I grabbed a roll of paper towels and did my best to blot up the mess.  After refilling Gwen’s cup and telling her to be careful not to bump it again, she was good to go.  Parker had stormed up to his room to hide under his covers hating the world for the accident that had ruined his day. 

The phone rang then.  Parker was still angrily crying so I grabbed the chunk of paper I had cut off earlier.  When I opened his door the melodrama was about to intensify until Parker saw me holding out the paper like a white flag of surrender.  His tears miraculously stopped and were replaced with a surprised smile.  I mouthed the words, “for you,” and he was on his way.  Dawn and I had a lovely conversation.  Then the kids were at the gate to my room loudly whispering my name.  We wrapped up our conversation so I could see what they needed, all the while knowing it was nothing worth interrupting me for. 

When I told Dawn they probably just wanted me to see their pictures she reminded me that that is important.  My suspicions were confirmed with excited pleas for me to see what they had done.  So I walked into the garage to see the masterpieces. 


This one touched my heart like a parental pay day.  Parker told me he made it because I gave him more paper.  Awww! 


I asked Gavin why his part of the page was so big.  He told me that Parker drew the lines to keep Gwen out of his spot. 

sitting-room-and-kids-painting-014  Gwen  sitting-room-and-kids-painting-015  Parker

sitting-room-and-kids-painting-016  and Gavin. 

At least they had fun.  That’s really all that matters. 

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