Monday, July 25, 2011

Never Stop Wondering

On the way to the library today Gwen asked, “Who put the steering wheel in the van?”

Yesterday Parker said that Heath was really smart because he had wrinkles in his forehead when he raised his eyebrows. 

Both boys believe that at one point all three kids were inside me at the same time.  They claim to remember waving at each other before being born, one at a time, two to two and a half years apart! 

Gavin was carrying a roll of paper towels.  I asked what was up.  He said, “Oh nothing,” and disappeared upstairs.  I realized right away he wanted to clean the bathroom without being asked so I wisely kept my mouth shut.  Gwen came down and said, “Gowan is just cweaning the bafroom.”  Upstairs Gavin was saying, “No I’m not!”  Parker was on her heels.  “Gavin is just . . . he’s just doing . . .”  I helped him out by saying, “He’s just doing nothing?”  “Yes, Gavin is doing nothing!”

I hugged Gavin and thanked him for helping me out.  He beamed.  Then Parker, my normally helpful child who loves to clean, threw a fit that I wouldn’t let him play Wii until he cleaned his bathroom.  It took some time and learning that pretending to clean doesn’t cut it with me.  Both family bathrooms are clean now. 

The kids couldn’t understand why I would force them to play outside.  I locked the back door so the only way in was through the sliding glass door.  They would have to go past me where I was reading the Book of Mormon in my sanctuary.  Eventually they stopped fighting their fate and started playing.  The roly poly was the highlight of the afternoon.  Gwen wouldn’t touch it but she liked watching it crawl around. 

The last picture is now my desktop background.  Life is beautiful.  Never stop wondering. 

2 thoughts:

Ray Colon said...

Absolutely, Tristan, never stop wondering.

It wouldn't be rare for me to be spotted looking up at an airplane, mouth slightly open, wondering, "How is that even possible?"

Unlike your children, my brothers and I didn't have memories of waving to one another in the womb. Instead, we shared a disbelief that some of us were ever even there -- "He must be adopted."

Growing up, I loved playing outside. My daughter's, not so much.


The Piquant Storyteller said...

The History Channel and A&E are sometimes my favorite channels because I learn the most fascinating things about the world. Wondering never ceases around here.

So far my kids haven't accused each other of being adopted. I'm sure it's only a matter of time. My brother always told me I came with the house. Nice.

The problem with my kids thinking spending time outside is a form of torture is I used to be that way. Nothing like an indoor girl raising indoor kids!