Saturday, July 23, 2011

Princess Tea Party

Gwen was invited to a princess tea party/birthday party.  We held the party ransom for a few behaviors we wanted her to modify this last week.  Yesterday I was pretty steamed when she made yet another mistake right in front of friends who were invited to the party.  This was after we had been talking about the party for some time.  I felt trapped.  Don’t tell me I should never make a threat I’m not prepared to follow through on.  Trust me, I know.  She is only 3 years old.  (And spoiled rotten)  Well, we went and I’m really glad because it was a very fun and cute party.

The invitation specifically said to dress up in a favorite princess tea party dress.  So I thought of ways to do a cute updo for Gwen’s hair.  I have no idea why I didn’t do this for Gwen’s princess birthday party.  It’s possible I thought about it at one point but since I didn’t tell people to dress up I think I tried to keep Gwen a little more low key and little girl than blinged out princess. 

On Thursday I practiced an updo.  I tried to pin the curls in place in a high bun while leaving a few romantic tendrils hanging out.  The barrel of my curling iron is way too big for the look I was going for so it didn’t really look all that great.  After about an hour Gwen asked for her Belle hair.  I love how she calls the unnatural pinkish red Ariel hair Belle hair.  If only that girl would have chosen brown Belle hair at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  I may have let her wear it today.

This was Gwen on Thursday.  I had sent Heath a picture of Gwen without the hairpiece and he made it his phone’s wallpaper.  When I sent this picture he texted, “That’s special!”  I love this picture because it makes me smile.  This is my Gwen.  Feminine woman.  She has started referring to herself as a woman and it’s hilarious.  She also is a bit of a tomboy.  A tomboy in heels if you will.  Parker’s kneepads on Gwen have brought many smiles to our family. 


This was Gwen today.  I used hot rollers this time and did a better job of pinning the curls.  I used almost every single bobby pin I own because after I pinned the curls I started shoving pins in the middle of the bun to create more texture.  Then I created a hole in the ozone layer right above our house with all the aerosol hairspray I sprayed.  It’s mega hold hairspray too, not even flexible hold.  It was a mistake can I bought back when I had the a-line bob hairstyle.  It sprayed like insta freeze glue in my hair and that’s essentially how it sprayed in Gwen’s hair too!  Her hair looked like chocolate flavored cotton candy. 

The party was so adorable.  It was very similar to the princess party I threw for Gwen’s birthday.  So cute.  Here are a bunch of pictures.


Princess Freeze Dance.  Rebekah is in the yellow dress.  She also went to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and is wearing her hairpiece and tiara.  Her hair is about as long as the hairpiece is.  Only her mom and I knew she was wearing a hairpiece.  Anyone else would think her mom just curled her ponytail.  Baylee is the birthday girl in the Princess Tiana dress.


The tea party portion of the party.  Left to right the guests are Gwen, Amanda, and Jillian in the first picture.  Then Rebekah, Baylee, and Abby in the second picture.  Kate must have been getting her nails done since I didn’t get her in these pictures. 

Brittany had made star shaped sandwiches.  Cheese or jam, I think.  She had cut tortillas into star shapes to be dipped in hummus.  There were baby carrots too.  The cookies were star shaped, circles, sand dollars, or star fish.  The basic shapes had pink frosting and the beach cookies were decorated to look like those creatures.  So impressive.  The “tea” was actually juice served in tea pots.  Oh my goodness I thought that was the cutest thing.  Brittany made everything for the party.  She made flying carpet coasters and little fans and glittery stars. 


She also made these darling mouse cheese balls.  Seriously so creative.  There was a lot of food I know I’m forgetting.  It was a really cute tea party that the girls just loved. 


Shelby, Baylee and Abby’s cousin, painted the girls nails. 


I was concerned that Baylee already had a tea set when I saw the real tea party dishes that were used.  Her grandma has a princess tea set in the play room but it’s Grandma’s.  Brittany was pretty excited that Baylee had her own princess tea set to take with her when their family moves in a week or so.  At the end of the party all the girls had a blast playing with all of Baylee’s new toys. 


Brittany did a great job of keeping the party very relaxed but also moving the girls on to the next activity when they were ready.  This activity was a princess walk.  She took the girls on a walk to the end of the street so they could parade their princess outfits for the neighborhood. 


Walking back into the house.


All the princesses posing on the steps before tiara piñata time.


The tiara piñata.  Baylee’s brother Payton got the first swing.  Gwen is sitting on the steps with Shelby, one of her favorite babysitters.  On the drive over Gwen kept saying, “Shelby is big.  And you are big.  But I am just small.”  Everyone got two turns with the piñata before Shelby took a turn to try to break it.  Luckily she broke it so Ben didn’t have to take a turn.  Gwen ate a full baggy full of candy after the party. 


Baylee’s cake was Princess Tiana when she was still a frog. 

Gwen’s hair before her bath and after the updo was taken out.  Pretty. 

This is proof that Gwen is totally spoiled rotten.  Heath bought her this chalkboard vinyl today on a whim.  Parker was less than impressed that he didn’t get anything special.  I guess walking to Mr. Pickle’s with Dad and Gavin wasn’t enough for him.  Nor was all the fabric paint we bought for more t-shirt crafts.  Yeah, Gwen is spoiled and Parker has every right to be jealous of his little sister.  It doesn’t mean we love the boys any less.  Girls are just too easy to buy girly stuff for for no reason.  Maybe tomorrow Parker can chill out enough to draw with Gwen.  Today he was too tired and mad. 

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