Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Birds flit through the air.  One lands in a tree and the other two squawk their grumpy discontent.  All three angrily chatter for a moment and become friends again as quickly as the discord began.  I smile.  Even birds get bored.  Their bickering is not unlike my own children.  Also like my own children the birds are beautiful.  A blessing from heaven just to behold. 

C0lors are so rich and intense.  Orange flowers on the trumpet vine enticing hummingbirds to take a sip.  Red geraniums contrasting so nicely with the bright green leaves of the four foot tall plants.  Water droplets glitter on the bejeweled grass.  Even the hiss of the sprinklers is melodious. 

Half naked bodies run back and forth burning off the excess energy that is so generously given to youth.  Giggles bubble with the occasional outburst of high pitched squealing.  To watch them pushing a dump truck through the grass, one can almost hear the wheels in their little minds turning. 


Enclosed by mosquito netting in my bay windowed sanctuary my life is perfect.  I have the best husband.  Together we have three gorgeous and happy children in the exact birth order I wanted.  I live in one of the most sought after cities in one of the most sought after states.  The weather here is exquisite.  My yard is beautiful.  My house is large and has many features I have always dreamed of in a home.  So it’s not mine.  So what?  I pay to live here and the living is good. 

Inside is my office with the invisible walls.  Outside is my sanctuary. 


Twelve feet by ten feet of of shaded relaxation. 


The gazebo with the bay windows, mosquito netting, and tea light chandelier. 


Even with my kids dancing, singing, playing, and imagining inches from where I sit to type this, I feel like I am sitting in paradise.  Like the office with the invisible walls, my sanctuary possesses the ability for occupants to forget the cares of the world and just be.  Just be deliriously happy sipping Diet Coke that tastes like the angels themselves made it and seeing one’s own family with the same clear eyes God does. 

As in the song Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads, I find myself in another part of the world.  I find myself behind the wheel of a large automobile, in a beautiful house, with {me being} a beautiful wife.  And I ask myself, “Well, how did I get here?”  In this moment I don’t care.  Past sacrifices and hard work to achieve this life have all been worth it.  I’m living my dreams.  How many people honestly say that? 

2 thoughts:

Grandma W said...

I love the gazebo! How fun to hide away in. I don’t see how the netting will keep too many bugs out with the kids running in and out. ;) It should also help your family room temperature too. I was hoping to get a chandelier too but I have not made it to the store this week. Today was eye surgery so I can only half see. I can drive tomorrow so maybe I will make it then. We have not had much weather to hang outside in. We did have Kirk and family over for BBQ and FHE on Monday but yesterday was too cold again. One day summer will get here then we will wonder where the cool northwest temperatures went.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

It is the best place to hide out in! Last night I had some people over for ice cream and they all loved the gazebo. The netting would work better if the kids would let it. It mostly just gets caught in Gwen's hair since she never uses the zipper, just lifts the whole thing up and climbs underneath.

When you can see you should go shopping. That would be fun for you and Grandma. I hope your eye is doing well and that her wrists are getting better.

Summer will come soon enough. It will either hit you all of a sudden like it did here. We were in the mid 90's today. Or it will wait until you have to go back to school. Because the weather is really named Murphy. Murphy's Law.